March 25, 2023

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The US Department of Justice opens an investigation against TikTok: “I spied on American citizens and journalists”

There is no peace for Tik Tok in the United States of America. according to new York TimesUS Department of Justice is investigating dance bytes, the Chinese company that owns the social network, for possible spying on US citizens. Not only that: they will also include some journalists who deal with technology. And the American newspaper specifies that the investigation would have started last year, after the recognition of ByteDance itself. In December, the Chinese company was reported to have said that some of its employees — who were later fired — had harvested the data of some US TikTok users, including some journalists. To coordinate the investigation there will not only be Department of Justice but alsoFBI And the power of attorney Virginia. according to The New York TimesThe White House feared that China Popular social media is used to collect data on Americans, undermine their trust in institutions, and incentivize Internet addiction of the little ones.

American concerns

This week, the Biden administration asked ByteDance to sell the app, under penalty ban All over the American lands. And according to The New York TimesMove White House It would be a direct result of suspicions of possible Chinese espionage against American citizens. After the first leaks, TikTok announced that it has fired employees involved in the disputed activities and is working to prevent this from happening again in the future. However, the reassurances did not seem to have had much effect. and the U.S. Congress It blocks access to the app nationwide. A radical measure that is already gaining support Bipartisan Democrats and Republicans, again according to The New York Timesrepresents “A radical change»From the US government’s approach to the TikTok file.

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