He also rejected US Republican Kevin McCarthy in the ninth vote to choose Speaker of the House

He also rejected US Republican Kevin McCarthy in the ninth vote to choose Speaker of the House

After another black smoke, the ninth in a row. Not even this time Republican Kevin McCarthy He got the votes needed to be elected Loudspeaker from Parliamentthe. Nothing to do either Ninth vote Although more concessions to 20 extreme rebels: In the final vote, the Republican lost another vote and was stuck at odds 200. The twenty rebels split their votes among other candidates. In the past 164 years, there has never been more than a ninth vote, as you mentioned CNnumber. To be elected are required 218 Preferences.

McCarthy had appeared before the session began trusted. “I think we are making progress. We are working together to find a solution,” he told reporters as he entered the House of Representatives. CNN. the Negotiations Among the Republican leader’s entourage and rebel deputies even before the session. another one waiverUS media reported, that it will be about the possibility of more members Freedom block (ultra-conservative parliamentary sub-group) to sit in power The regulatory body Council, which decides the process of legislative initiatives. Moreover, McCarthy would have said he was ready for it Voting insurance on each other Legal proposals Of particular interest to Republican rebels, such as Limit parliamentary mandates And an exceptional security plan for border with Mexico to prevent the influx of illegal immigrants. But all this was in vain. In the last few hours, it was approved Elon MuskThe president tweeted: “Kevin McCarthy should be the speaker” Tesla. Before From the sixth vote The call came Donald Trump For the most extreme rebel winds. So it is not yet clear how the Republicans will be able to get out of the impasse.

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And the boss Joe Biden He said he had been following the election of the council’s speaker with “great interest.” At the end of the meeting with the press in Roosevelt room from White Houseas he announced new rules to contain illegal immigration from the border with Mexico, a journalist turned the question to the President, as he was preparing to leave the room with the Vice President. Kamala Harris. “I am following with distinction…,” Biden said with a smile before turning to Harris. Then the vice president suggested: “Attention.” And so Biden completed his sentence, “…carefully” before exiting the room. Yesterday, the president specifiedAn embarrassmentThe dilemma of Republicans who are unable to elect their majority leader, Kevin McCarthy.

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