Farmers cut AP-7 in Cambrils with the intention of remaining there all day

the FarmersAnd opponents of the Hard Rock project and the various environmental and social organizations that support them They rally together This Sunday in Cambrils, in the Pécs camp, against the economic model and in defense of the land. They cut off AP-7 highway in both directions From 2/4 to 11 am. They participate One hundred peopleDozens of tractors and many special vehicles.

After their meeting in their council It is unlikely that other roads will be cut off Like theN-340 and the A-7 motorway.

In the evening, fires were lit and some tents were set up to spend the night there. The highway closure will be lifted at 9 a.m. Monday. This afternoon, they prepared rice and calicotada for lunch in the middle of the highway.

Under the slogan”“We defend the field and plow the future.”presenting demands such as withdrawing the Hard Rock Urban master plan or stopping the Lotte Energy Materials electric battery plant project in Mont-roig del Camp.

From the Aturem Hard Rock platform, Eloi Redon warned about this This will not be a one-time mobilizationHe said: “The fact that we are organized movements is evidence of strength. Our ability to link the struggle against mega projects with agriculture and livestock is a success.”

The crowd will continue on Monday and Tuesday. They plan to attend Municipal meeting of Mont Roig del Camp He expects approval on Monday for the sale of the land where Lotte Energy's battery factory will be installed; And Tuesday they fly Blocking access to the logistics center San Sadurni d'Annoia.

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Some demonstrators were deployed Videos On the X network where you can see the protest atmosphere at AP-7:

“At Camp de Tarragona Agricultural space is being destroyed by these macro projects“, denounced Ton Crucels, from Unió de Peasos, while Ramon Rojo, from Plataforma Peasas, complained that “the major projects have water concessions that we do not have and we cannot irrigate with four empty swamps and we have no crops left”.

A tractor in AP-7 holds a sign against the Lotte electric battery factory (ACN/Ariadna Escoda)

Within the framework of this call, the Salvem Mont-roig platform will move tomorrow at ten in the morning to the city hall, where the municipal council plans to approve the plan that will allow the sale of the land where it will be installed. For the Korean company Lotte.

“this It's not the growth model we want for our city“The jobs they say will be created can be created by helping and promoting entrepreneurship of people from the same city,” said Jeb Borol, of Salvem-Mont Roig, who advocated.

Tractors and demonstrators in the Cambrils cooperative, before blocking the highway (ACN/Ariadna Escoda)

Participants in this show of strength met at the Cambrils cooperative. They also state that the protection of farmland and agricultural areas must be strengthened “to ensure food sovereignty” and request that “priority be given to water investments in agriculture and not to mega projects.”

They also denounce the tourism model and demand that it be more environmentally friendly.

Photo of parts of an AP-7 aircraft near Cambrils on Sunday morning (3Cat)

From the Catalan Traffic Service, they explain that Mossos d'Esquadra does this Distractions Northbound at Exit 38 (Vandellòs and l'Hospitalet de l'Infant). Heading south, transfers take place via Exit 35 (Reus/Vila-seca). As alternative routes, they suggest A-7 and N-340.

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Shortly before the call is recorded Traffic is slow For a while in T-312 In Cambrils towards the coast. After a few minutes it returns to normal.

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