When will it be filled?

When will it be filled?

the The price of petrol and diesel Keep going down, you see The collapse of oil prices in the international lists. Thus, fuel can be easily found at the pump Less than 1.8 euros per litre In many regions of Italy, just as it has not happened since the beginning of the year, when it was Meloni government has decided to boycott the reduction in excise duty required by the Executive Mario Draghi.

there Snappy on petrol and diesel In short, the consumer associations envision for the year 2023 that they are decreasing, with less than expected burden on citizens. internationally Brent is at its lowest since November 2021in the wake of fears for the entire financial and banking system after the failure of the Silicon Valley bank.

Petrol and diesel prices today

According to the data processed by Staffetta Quotidiana starting from average prices reported by managers toPrice Observatory of the Ministry of Economic DevelopmentAnd The average price of self-service petrol is 1.861 €/l (-1 thousand in the last survey), while the self-service diesel is 1.814 euros / liter (-2 thousand).

going to Servantsthen Petrol drops below 2 euros a literExactly 1.999 € / liter (- 1 thousand), while the diesel is 1.954 € / liter (-2 thousand). Finally, the LPG is offered at 0.799 EUR/LMethane is offered at 1,762 €/kg and LNG at 1,610 €/kg.

How much does petrol and diesel cost on the highway?

However, these are the prices charged on motorways: self-service petrol at 1.935 euros per liter (offered at 2.197), while petrol Self-service diesel fuel is less than 1.9 euros / liter. And again: LPG at 0.895 €/l, methane at 1.809 €/kg and LNG at 1.587 EUR/kg.

fuel, when it is better to fill up

Despite the slight return to the phase of greater fear after the collapse of the bank of Silicon Valley and the difficulties faced by other lenders in the United States and EuropeAnd Brent and Wti are not dating. The trend could intensify in the coming days and a new collapse in prices is not excluded, unless Signals that will reassure the markets moreby reversing the path.

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While it takes a few days Fully absorb market variables Therefore, it is advised to take advantage of this moment and fill up with petrol and diesel between Sunday and Monday, and then wait for any new improvements on the price front in the coming weeks.

from Next April 1stHowever, there is a discount for fuel suppliers: methane for cars will cost a few cents less per kilogram, with a preference for Transport sector.

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