State populism is all the rage in the United States, among fanatics and myth-obsessed people

State populism is all the rage in the United States, among fanatics and myth-obsessed people

The latest case involves Oliver Anthony, a 31-year-old born and raised in Farmville, Virginia, with a past as a laborer and a few skeletons in the closet. No one had heard of him before himRich men north richmond“It’s going to go big #1 on the Billboard Hot 100Ranking of the most popular songs in the USA. In the verses of the song, the video of which was filmed outside his home farm, He takes it out on politicians and powerful forces – “The Rich Men of North Richmond,” specifically – Who cares about the miners who broke their backs and those who found themselves bankrupt due to inflation. On Spotify the individual counts

64.5 million listeners. His official YouTube channel boasts 1 million subscribers: “I have spent the last five years struggling with mental health and drowning my problems in alcohol. I’m sad to see the world in this state, where everyone is fighting with each other. I’ve spent many nights feeling hopeless, believing that the greatest country on Earth is quickly disappearingThe country, needless to be specific, is the United States. His exploit came during the album “One Thing at a Time.” Morgan Wallen Exceeds quota 25 weeks — more than 175 days — at the top of the Billboard 200Ranking of the best-selling records in the United States. The 36 songs that make up the album by the 30-year-old country singer, 25.5 million monthly listeners on SpotifyI am one A delicate and romantic cross-section of a more rural, more ancestral, more authentic AmericaThe small town like Sneadville, with just over 1,300 residents, is where Wallen grew up, in the heart of Tennessee: Bars, fishing, regional roads, shoes, and the Bible are always on the bedside table.

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Like Oliver Anthony: “God speaks through him.”

This is how Populist country pop music is very popular in the United States, where it is invading the sales charts. Oliver Anthony does not like to be compared to the nationalist right: the singer-songwriter does not want to be labeled politically in any way. But it’s on Social anger His music blows. TALKING TO COUNTRY BELLY: On the week he debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 in August, the bearded singer-songwriter from Virginia He earned a whopping $350,000 in revenue, and his music on streaming platforms grew by 102.74%. not bad.

His manager Draven Reeve is the owner of the YouTube channel radiowv, which highlights up-and-coming American country musicians from Virginia. He said he discovered Christopher Anthony Lunsford — that’s the singer-songwriter’s real name: his stage name is a tribute to his grandfather, Oliver Anthony — thanks to the recommendation of a friend from Missouri: .“In our opinion, God chose to speak through Oliver and reach all Americans through his musiche said. The singer-songwriter’s interviews are like sermons. Listen to this: “Just like those who once wandered in the wilderness, we too have lost our way to God and allowed false idols to distract and divide us. It’s unfortunate.”

There are those who are dusting off the old flags. But it is a mistake to lump everything together

In June, two cover singles were released.Fast cars“L Luke Combs And “last night“L Morgan Wallen, found itself in the top two spots on the Billboard Hot 100. Not in forty-two years had two country songs held the top two spots on the rankings of best-selling singles in the United States. Luke Combs’s career, 33, took off in 2017, the same year Donald Trump became the new president of the United States of America. He has always avoided talking about politics, but in 2021 during a show someone noticed that he had stuck a sticker on his guitar. Poster reproducing the Confederate flagis closely related to

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White nationalist and racist movements. Currently it matters 3.2 million To subscribe to his YouTube channel and 23.3 million of monthly listeners on Spotify. However, be careful putting everything together. Zach Bryan, 27 years old, ten days ago with his new album – which bears his title – debuted at number one in the ranking of best-selling albums in the United States of America. A former member of the US Navy Air Section (in 2021 he was “honourably discharged” so he could devote himself full-time to music): He is the voice coming out of the choir. in spring He has publicly criticized fellow musicians for their intolerance towards transgender people: “We live in a country where we can all simply be whatever we want to be.”

Morgan Wallen is at the center of the controversy

Conversely, in 2021, Morgan Wallen risks seeing his empire crumble after letting himself go to some… Racist insults Outside the house at the end of a high-alcohol evening, also immortalized through videos circulating on social media. Despite the apologies, iHeartRadio, one of the largest US radio networks, decided to remove the singer-songwriter from its playlists. So did Spotify and Apple Music. Not only. The Academy of Country Music announcedWallen’s ineligibility for the American Music AwardsAlthough Wallen subsequently received two nominations for awards such as “Favorite Artist – Country” and “Favorite Album – Country”: in the end he was not allowed to participate in the ceremony either in person or remotely.

Wallen was recently certified by the Recording Industry Association of America as a .The country artist who has won the most gold and platinum digital records in history.

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Trump’s playlist is already ready

Returning to Oliver Anthony, the success of his “Rich Men of North Richmond” seems unstoppable: “The despair and frustration of our time is echoed in this song. The song itself is not special, but The people who support her are amazing and deserve to be heard“,” he says. No wonder Billboard defined the “Rich Men of North Richmond” as “Every human being’s anthem“: maybe Trump card Next year, he will not face the same problems he faced in 2016 regarding allowing the use of songs during his rallies.

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