When you perform a tax check – Libero Quotidiano is triggered

When you perform a tax check – Libero Quotidiano is triggered

Pay close attention to withdrawal ATM. In fact, the executive branch is considering new measures to put an end to tax evasion and in fact they have ended up in the crossfire. tax The customs of the Italians regarding payments and the use of cash. As is known, since June and pressure on POSIn fact, merchants will no longer be able to refuse to accept card payments. Anyone who does not comply with this new obligation risks paying a fine. But as we said, pay attention to the use of ATMs, especially when withdrawing from an ATM or at the counter. Thus, one of the most common operations for millions of Italians could end up in the eyes of the tax authorities. The revenue agency, as reported by LaNotizia, focuses all of its checks on using the card connected to the checking account.

Tax evasion or money laundering can be hidden in the folds of withdrawals and above all in the repetition of operations. In fact, under the perspective of revenue, it ends up being all taxpayers who make a lot of withdrawals, or, conversely, those who make very few withdrawals. This type of operation gives way to a series of checks and investigations that can lead to the opening of a dispute with the tax authorities. One of the most used tools for controlling withdrawals is the Current Accounts Super Register. This type of tool is in fact the additional weapon for the tax authorities to monitor all the liquidity movements of Italians. More recently, the government has given special powers to tax authorities to specifically control payments, deposits, and withdrawals.

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So be careful when you use ATMs a lot: the constant flow of withdrawals can make the tax authorities suspicious. If more than 10,000 euros are withdrawn within 30 days, even if the operations are different, the corresponding employee has the task to ask the customer what he intends to use for liquidity and then inform the bank management about this. At this point, management will assess whether to alert the UIF, the Financial Intelligence Unit. From now on, the IRS will be closely monitored. And the results of the tests were completely unexpected…

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