Bolaños places the agreement with Junts in the European Migration Pact

Bolaños places the agreement with Junts in the European Migration Pact

Yesterday, the Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts, Felix Bolaños, drafted the agreement reached between the two parties PSOE I together On immigration so that the government decrees, to which the decline in the consumer price index has already been attributed, are present in the “European Migration Charter”, which was signed in December and which states “very clearly that immigration policy comes from Europe”.

After insisting that the agreement between the two formations is to delegate powers to the state, as stipulated in Article 150.2 of the Constitution, which will be developed into a basic law, he continued his statement without providing any details. Regardless of who exercises jurisdiction over immigration, it is Europe that gives the corresponding guidelines.

He resorted to the usual argument to defend that “agreements in a democratic state are not only good, but they are healthy, because they respond to what the citizens, a very pluralistic parliament, voted for,” and pointed out that the negotiations that took place and the achievements that were achieved were very “intensive” and that It is necessary for many people and himself to “work very late” to make this possible.

Call for Filagra

Regarding the call he had with the presidential advisor, Laura Villagra, to calm the ERC's annoyance with the agreement signed with Junts, he referred to the normalization of relations between the central and Catalan executive. He pointed out that this was what allowed the Prime Minister, Pedro SanchezIn December, he met with Prime Minister Perry Aragones and “reached five agreements.”

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Bolaños took advantage of the institutional visit of the President of the National Court, José Ramón Navarro, to insist on his defense of the independence of the judiciary.

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