Gianni Morandi and the death of his daughter: the drama destroyed him forever

Gianni Morandi and the death of his daughter: the drama destroyed him forever

Singer Gianni Morandi has lost her daughter: it’s an impossible shock to overcome.

Gianni Morandi He is one of the most famous Italian singers of all time. His career began in the 1960s and has never stopped since, always achieving excellent successes. One might think that his life has always been happy and perfect, but unfortunately it is not. An indelible drama that marked him years ago when His daughter Serena passed away.

Gianni Morandi –

The artist is originally from a small town in the province of Bologna and is still very famous and very active in the field of music even today, despite his age of more than 70 years. He’s one of the most talented singers we’ve ever had, because he’s managed to relate to himself Multiple generations Thus getting fans of all ages, even very young ones. Perhaps this is the result of the rich presence on social media and all of his holdings in sanremoAs well as always being a fun and lively person.

However, not everyone knows that he hides a very sad past. Many years ago, in fact, lost daughter Things are not the same since then. He doesn’t talk much about this fact, but he has long wanted to break off the reins the interviewa program Maurizio Costanzo.

Gianni Morandi, the death of his daughter Serena

Today Gianni Morandi is married to Anna Dunnwith whom they had their son Pietro in 1997. Before meeting his current wife, he was married to another woman, the actress Laura African. The couple remained together from 1966 to 1979. They have two children with her, Marco and Mariana, who were married until 2009 from Biagio Antonacci.

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However, in reality, there will also be another daughter born from this first marriage to the singer-songwriter Emily, The eldest daughter Serena. The child was born in 1967, but unfortunately She died a few hours later. He told the story:
Gianni Morandi and Laura Efrikian –

Laura Africanian and I were expecting a daughter, who will be our first. You were supposed to give birth in February, but there was this progression and I was participating in the ’66 Kanzonissima which ended on January 6 ’67. Just the night before, Laura was hospitalized urgently and unfortunately the child only lived 8 hours. I think it was a huge pain especially for her and also for me.” Although many years have passed since then, the loss of a child is always shock It is impossible to forget him.

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