In one week, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile generated revenue equivalent to the development cost of a triple-A game

In one week, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile generated revenue equivalent to the development cost of a triple-A game

While the traditional market calculates its failures, Tencent has launched Dungeon & Fighter Mobile in China Which was disbursed within a week in one small transaction The figure is close to the value of Triple A development costs: 140 million dollars. By continuing on this path, it will become a new billion-dollar hit in the increasingly booming mobile phone market.

Sensor Tower estimated that DnF Mobile would have generated $63 million on the App Store from May 21 through today. The total revenue estimate comes from Niko Partners, which It’s about $140 million between the App Store and the Android Store.

Sensor Tower’s numbers are consistent with those tracked by AppMagic, which show that DnF generated $46.2 million in revenue on the App Store in China between May 21 and 28. The difference in numbers is due to the fact that AppMagic calculates in-app purchase (IAP) revenue, net of commissions required by platforms and including taxes, while Sensor Tower evaluates players’ total spending.

Another mobile success

Sensor tower data also speaks about 2.6 million downloads of the iOS version of the game, with AppMagic estimating total installs at 2.4 million. According to Bloomberg, DnF Mobile was the top-grossing game on the Chinese App Store last week, followed by Honor of Kings and Peacekeeper Elite (the local version of PUBG Mobile), both from Tencent.

Graph with game revenue

According to Xiaofeng Zeng, an analyst at Niko Partners, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile can Achieving revenues of $1 billion Later this year: “Top-tier series like DnF have proven their longevity and ability to generate money. However, it is still too early to tell whether or not DnF Mobile will be Tencent’s next Honor of Kings game. Its revenues are in line “The first week met our expectations, but this is the result of a strong marketing campaign.”

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For those unfamiliar, Dungeon & Fighter is a series established in the East, developed by Neople, a subsidiary of Nexon. It is best known for the MMO game of the same name, which has generated $22 billion in global revenue since 2005.

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