June 8, 2023

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Homicide Boom in Major American Cities – Ultima Aura

(ANSA) — NEW YORK, April 27 — The number of homicides in major US cities has increased by more than 10% in the past two years. This was revealed by a study conducted by WalletHub and published by the New York Post, according to which the highest murder rates were recorded in Memphis (Tennessee), New Orleans (Louisiana), Richmond (Virginia), Washington DC and Detroit (in Michigan).

Also in the top 10 are Durham (North Carolina), Dallas (Texas), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Las Vegas (Nevada) and Kansas City (Missouri). After comparing the increase in homicide rates in the country’s 45 populated cities between 2021 and 2023, the scientists noted that growth is faster in Democratic-led cities than in their Republican counterparts. For example, they assert that the first five cities on the list are led by Democratic administrations. Although the Covid pandemic was one of the reasons for the increase in the first place, softer policies on crime in progressive places have exacerbated the problem for experts. (handle).

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