Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, here are the first alleged real images

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, here are the first alleged real images

The ones you see scattered throughout the article could be First real pictures of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultrathe next flagship smartphone from the South Korean giant: it has just been published. The most interesting detail, at least in our opinion, is the move to a completely flat display, which thus bid farewell to the traditional curved side edges that can be traced back to Samsung’s own Galaxy Note Edge from 9 Years.

The back panel is also flat, consisting of a frosted/sandblasted/’frosted’ glass panel. Also note the slightly rounded sides of the body: the “smooth” S24 and Plus should be completely flat. The design of the cameras is now standard at Samsung – each lens has its own story, unlike most manufacturers who put everything in “modules” of different shapes and positions. It is not completely level with the rest of the body, but it certainly sticks out in a limited way. Unfortunately there are no very detailed images of the sides, but those published allow us to deduce a quite conventional layout of the physical keys, as well as an S Pen housing on the underside. The SIM tray appears to be on the same side as the physical buttons, whereas on the S23U it was located at the bottom, near the S Pen slot.

Samsung has to move forward this year: the new generation of smartphones is expected as early as January. The Exynos chip developed by Samsung itself should return, but not on the S24 Ultra: there will only be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 worldwide, this time also in a special “for Galaxy” edition like last year. This data sheet should be:

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