March 20, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“The tumor has made me a worse person.” Today the influencer will speak at Tempo della Salute-

last March videos He mentioned that he discovered after analysis that he had a Very rare pancreatic cancer. The Milan rapper did not hide his illness, he repeatedly spoke about him on social media, informing his fans of his views. health conditions. Just a few days ago on an episode of Muschio Selvaggio, a Youtube talk hosted by himself and Louis Sall, he stated that for him the tumor was not a source of personal improvement, as it is for many. “They tell you that when you get sick, you discover the meaning of life, but since my illness I have become… Dejected – Depressed, being worse, after cancer. Why should I be a better person?

On Instagram, Fidez came back to talk about cPostoperative doctor, who made an impression on him at first And now this reminds him that we are passengers, and that is why we should enjoy the day: ‘I don’t know any of you who have scars and have had the same thing happen to him, but at first I disowned them a little. I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t like it. But in this period I was able to see her as Value Added Because actually every morning I wash it off reminds me of how much we’ve been through and how much we need to enjoy the day. I wanted to tell you: we should be proud of our wounds.”

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