Some of Marconi’s lessons at the Science Festival in Genoa

Some of Marconi’s lessons at the Science Festival in Genoa

On Thursday 27 November, 2AS and 4AS classes from the Marconi Institute flew to Genoa for the Festival of Science: a series of conferences and meetings with industry professionals to introduce children to science through experiments and interactive videos.

The day started early with the first lab: the discovery of cryptography,

From optical fibers to optical messages, passing through the history and analysis of all changes.

There was certainly no lack of interest, the young guide was able to engage everyone through various activities to put the kids to the test, such as sending and decoding encrypted messages.

After a short break, here is the second meeting, which is related to the National Military Research Plan 2023.

A set of three proposals with projects related to the growth and innovation of technologies for military applications, and how they are used by the armed forces, with the goal of improving and maintaining soldier health.

It was shown how exoskeleton technology is able to reduce the weight of the payload that the army must withstand, which can reach almost thirty-five kilograms, including body armor, backpack and magazines. The second project demonstrated a ski capable of overcoming snow-covered tracks even to soldiers who had experienced trauma or disabilities in their lives and finally a machine for underwater communication.

The third workshop allowed us to understand how to distinguish metals as well as observe some pieces from the guide’s private collection.

Surely there was a tour of the alleys of Genoa and a visit to the main emblematic places of the city, such as Piazza Raphael de Ferrari and the Palazzo Nicolosio Lomelino.

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This educational visit demonstrated how science and technology are making great strides and how the future of scientific progress can directly protect all of humanity and help not all work activities.

Francesco Canigali and Stefano Vue IV AS

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