Georgia Meloni, do you know what her favorite restaurant is? It is located in Anzio and is very popular with all the VIPs

Georgia Meloni, do you know what her favorite restaurant is?  It is located in Anzio and is very popular with all the VIPs

Georgia Meloni, the Prime Minister and her passion for cooking. His favorite restaurant is located in Anzio and is frequented by many VIPs. Name is out.

When you’re always in the spotlight and on everyone’s lips, it’s hard not to lose patience and remain steadfast in your intentions. This is certainly, from a personal and emotional point of view, not a great moment for us Georgia Meloni. After broadcasting various explosions several times Strechia la Notiziawhich depicted the father of his only daughter determined to do so Compliments are too heavy for some colleaguesI decided so Close.

I think it was just a few days ago, from the weekly pages fromWho always provides us with wonderful exclusives, the companion, or rather the journalist Andrea Giambruno, they talked deeply about their special bond. Now let’s get back to Georgie. The fact that it’s so exposed certainly doesn’t help it Licking woundsWhich will be very deep and abundant.

However, the two will remain linked forever, due to their birth created together. She is more focused than ever on her work and is trying as hard as she can to Protect his family from gossip, even if it is very difficult now. When she is free from professional and institutional obligations, she loves spending time with her Little GinevraAnd also with your closest friends.

Georgia Meloni and her favorite restaurant

With them he likes to spend days at the seaside, perhaps for that A good fish meal at his favorite restaurant. We are also talking about a very well known and well known place A favorite destination for many VIPsTo spend moments of entertainment and relaxation with your loved ones. Among other things, after eating in a dignified manner, you can benefit from relaxation Nice walk on the beach.

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This seems to be very popular Leading. It is no coincidence that she was also intercepted while walking down the street after a good meal Sea of ​​Anzio, which always has its indisputable reason. Anyway, with regard to place, we are talking about a place that belongs to the so-called Luxury set. Do you know which restaurant we’re talking about?

Georgia Meloni with the venue crew From Romulus to the port

The place is much loved by the Premier League and Anzio’s VIPs

From Romulus to the portfounded in 1968 by Romulo Rigulanti, who was with his children Walter And Marco Tullio, who plays the roles of sommelier and chef respectively, and continues to lead the business. Among the many customers, the journalist seemed to have tasted the restaurant’s dishes Roberto D’Agostino And the chef Antonino Cannavacciolo.

It is one of her favorite dishes Watermelon Anzio’s fish soup and the ripe monkfish are worth noting, although I don’t even disdain them Raw. In short, it seems Prime Minister is a big lover of fish and Whenever she can, she likes to devote herself to the pleasures of the table, with friends and people dear to her.

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