The trick to having a second screen: Try it, it actually works

The trick to having a second screen: Try it, it actually works

We are all now accustomed to working on computers in a multitasking manner, i.e. doing multiple activities at the same time, so the ability to rely on one or more additional screens is a common need.

However, purchasing a second monitor for our computer can be a very inconvenient and expensive process. Plus, once the screen is installed, it will be difficult to move or take with us if we have to work away from home.

Using the iPad as a second screen –

Therefore, when we are looking for a solution to expand our workspace, purchasing a new monitor is not the only solution available. In fact, perhaps we can give new life to something we already have at home, perhaps unused because we are not yet aware of this possibility.

If we don’t want to clutter our desk or our wall with a second monitor captured for this purpose, there is a way to use the iPad you already have as an additional monitor for your computer. Let’s see how right away.

How to use your iPad as a second screen for your computer

If what you want is to expand your workspace by adding a second display to your computer screen, the most convenient and quickest option is to use our tablet, which is probably now underused or forgotten in a drawer.

iPad as a second computer screen –

to Use your iPad as a second screen The procedure is really simple, as is often the case with devices involving a bitten apple. The simplest way is to use the function Sidecar (Part of continuity, Apple’s system for making devices communicate with each other), which is already in the operating system from the factory.

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This application, in short, allows you to access your iPad directly from your Mac, so that it can be used as a second screen on your computer in just a few seconds. there Sidecar compatibility It’s almost gross. If you actually own it Devices released after 2016you should not face any difficulties with device compatibility.

Sidecar, however, needs macOS 10.15 Catalina or laterIn addition to iPadOS 13 and later Installed on the tablet. If you only have an older Mac or iPad that’s therefore not compatible with Sidecar, all is not lost. Let’s immediately look at the alternative solution.

How to use your iPad as a second display for your computer if Sidecar isn’t available

If we don’t have a Mac or iPad compatible with Sidecar, or we simply need one Use iPad as a second screen on your Windows PCWe still have the possibility to do this using third-party software.

It is available for Windows operating systems XDisplay Proxy for PC. Once we have installed the program and followed the tutorial on the official website, we must prepare our iPad to use it as a second display on our computer. To do this, simply download fromApp Store the program Splashtop Wired XDisplay HD – Extend and Mirror Continue registration and installation as usual.

Once this is done, we have all the tools of the trade in order and all we need to do is connect our iPad to the computer’s USD output using the factory cable. Once this is done, from the PC, we right-click on the desktop and navigate through the settings until we find it Screen settings.

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Scrolling the screen that appears, we look for the section More screens We conclude the procedure by choosing between Repeat these screensto get a copy of your computer screen on your iPad, or Expand these screens, and you have a second digital deskwhich we can access directly by moving the mouse cursor to the side where we indicated that we have placed our second screen.

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