20 Google Tricks You Can Use to Improve Your Searches

20 Google Tricks You Can Use to Improve Your Searches

Google can give us all the answers. But we need to ask the right questions: Here are some tricks to improve your web searches.

There are women who want to propose to Mr. Google. He certainly has all the answers, not like us, who know almost nothing. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, and the one that really knows how to provide an answer to every question. However, to get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions. Here are some tricks to improve your Google searches.

How to improve searches on Google – Foto Ansa – Computer-Idea.it

Yes. When it comes to Google search, we can do almost anything if we know how to use the hidden tools. What we will talk about are unconventional ways to conduct our research: but we assure you that after learning this information, you will be much happier with the results.

20 tricks to improve your searches on Google

There are 20 tricks we’ve identified. It seems logical that you would already know some of these things. But others will open a world to you. Let’s start with the obvious things: If we are looking for something, we use the exact word to get the definition. However, if we don’t know how to say a term, we write [parola]+ Pronunciation. Then tap the speaker icon to listen. Do we need to translate the text? Existing google translator. With what is not our language, the thing that puts us in great difficulty is numbers: just write [cifra]=language We will have the translation.

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20 tricks to improve your Google searches – Computer-Idea.it

If we then want to transfer our money, just write [prezzo] In dollars (or in euros or another currency). Then there are some fun features: Type “via” And watch the search results tilt strangely like a pinball game. If we then want to have a good time in space, all we have to do is write Name of a planet followed by “Google Sky”. Then there’s a great feature for musicians, dancers, and even fitness enthusiasts. Just enter The Metronome and Google provide an adjustable visual paddle.

Among the facilities you can know the times of sunrise and sunset: Search for “dawn in [località]Or “the sun sets in.” [località]“To know when the sun rises or sets on that date. Google also helps our lifestyle. Adequate Type “breathing exercise” into Google to get a soothing interactive guide that tells you when to inhale and exhale. Again, the function related to flights is very useful when writing “You’re flying off [la tua posizione] to [destinazione]“And Google will present you with a plate of options. And then, for nostalgia, a dive into the past: Click on “Google Snake” to play the old phone game on your computer.

You can then exclude keywords: It’s annoying when you search for one thing and results keep coming back for something else. Enter a minus sign (-) before the word you do not want. Place a plus sign (+) before any word you want to highlight as important. You can also search by file type: for example, For PDF files, type filetype:pdf in the search with the keyword. If you are looking for something specific, Add quotation marks to the word or phrase. If you search on social media instead: Put @ in front of the word to search social media or add # in front to search hashtags. Regardless of your search, to get “recent” results, you can filter results by date: Once you have the answer, click Tools and enter a custom interval.

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