Hamas attacks Israel: The death toll rises to 250. Netanyahu: We are at war – News

Hamas attacks Israel: The death toll rises to 250. Netanyahu: We are at war – News

“The death toll from the massive attack launched by the Hamas terrorist movement against Israel “It rose to more than 250 deaths.”. The Times of Israel wrote this, citing medical officials, explaining that “the death toll may continue to rise. At least 1,450 people have been injured, many of them in serious condition.”
They are in the Gaza Strip At least 232 people were killed and 1,650 injured In retaliatory Israeli air strikes.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Palestinians to “leave Gaza.” He promised to turn Hamas’ hideouts into “ruins.”
The Prime Minister said in a speech to the nation: “We will take revenge on Hamas for this black day,” in which he stressed that “the army will use all its power to undermine Hamas.” We will hit them everywhere“What happened today did not happen in Israel and I will ensure that it does not happen again.” According to the Prime Minister, “War will take time, will be difficult, and challenging days lie ahead.” From us.” Then he warned Hamas “not to touch a single hair of the hostages in Gaza.” He added, addressing them: “You are part of the chain of heroes of Israel and we are all with you.”

A new barrage of missiles on the central region of Israel and on Tel Aviv Where sirens sounded for a long time. Numerous explosions sounded in the sky as a result of the missiles being intercepted by Iron Dome.

video In Jerusalem there is disbelief and waiting

Dramatic escalation in the Middle EastWhere Hamas declared war and put Israel under control. The Jewish state, taken by surprise, tonight finds itself dealing with hundreds of deaths and unprecedented hostage-taking. At first light, on the day that concluded the Jewish holidays of Sukkot – as happened fifty years ago during Yom Kippur – five thousand rockets fell from Gaza, causing destruction and death. For hours, sirens sounded in the center and south of the country, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as people took shelter in shelters. The rocket launch was just the beginning of the conflict: from dozens of points along the border, armed Hamas militiamen (between 200 and 300 individuals) entered Jewish territory and kibbutzim near the Strip from the sky, land and sea, and took civilians and soldiers hostage. Others were killed, while people rushed to barricade themselves in shelters. Videos posted on social media by sites close to Hamas show horrific scenes of hostage capture: according to the media, there will be at least 50 hostages, but the number has not been confirmed either by the military spokesman or by the political authorities.

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Clashes took place between Israeli soldiers and Hamas militias on the border kibbutzimFrom Ofakim and Be’eri to Nirim and others: In the evening, the army announced that fighting was still continuing in 22 locations. Pictures circulating on social media also showed the battle in the streets of Sderot, where Hamas allegedly took control of a police station. There was also tension in the West Bank, while electricity went out in Gaza as darkness fell.

“Citizens of Israel, we are at war. It is not just an operation, it is a war.”Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced, adding that he had ordered the army to call up reservists and “respond to the war with an intensity and breadth that the enemy has never known before. They will pay a price they have never paid before.” We will pay the price, and in the end we will win.” The Israeli Air Force – according to the media, after some uncertainty – began bombing the Strip with attacks that killed at least 232 people and wounded about 1,600 others, and struck Hamas and Jihad positions. According to the military spokesman, Hamas’s military infrastructure, which was located in two skyscrapers in central Gaza, was also attacked. Médecins Sans Frontières spoke of two damaged hospitals, the Indonesian Hospital and Nasser Hospital. From the Strip, the head of Hamas’s military wing, Muhammad Deif, described the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation as A response to the “desecration of holy places” and “arrests.” The guest said: “We warned the Zionist enemy several times, but we were always rejected.”

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While the Vice President of Hamas, Saleh Al-Arouri, claimed that his movement is waging a battle “for freedom.” He explained that this is not a back-and-forth operation. We have begun an all-out battle and we expect the fighting to continue and the battle front to expand. We have a primary goal: our freedom and the freedom of our sacred things. Places.” There are now many fear that the situation will worsen in the north as well, with the possibility of Lebanese Hezbollah intervention: some militiamen, according to Israeli media, tried to breach the border line but were repelled by gunfire from Israeli soldiers. But the Shiite militias denied the news. We in Israel hold our breath and wonder how we could be surprised in this way by Hamas, fearing Iranian direction behind the attack.

There will be time for debate, but in the spirit of unity that characterizes Israel in times of peril, even after eight months of division over judicial reform, all Saturday evening protests were cancelled. The opposition to Netanyahu offered the prime minister the formation of a “unified national emergency government.” While in Gaza, after the first moment of euphoria over the news of the missiles and the incursion of militiamen into Jewish territory, fear of revenge now prevails: many have left the area closest to the border for fear of military territory. It is difficult to say what scenario might unfold in the next few hours: the only thing that seems certain is that the conflict is not destined to end in a short time. Netanyahu spoke in a phone call with US President Joe Biden about a “strong and long-term military campaign” in which Israel will have the “upper hand” at the end of it. Operation “Iron Swords,” as the Jerusalem government called it.

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