“The trend is censoring everything!”: Alfonso Signorini is misleading

The director tries to push the story, but the audience is aware of the truth: Signorini does it to create some dynamics at home

Alfonso Signorini (Mediasetplay screenshot)

These are the days when everyone keeps wondering why it seems so obvious Manuel can’t stand Lulu anymore, But no one is doing anything to stop the situation, quite the opposite.

Even during the last episode GF Vip . Commander He increased the dose, and immediately announced that in the evening he would talk again about Manuel and Lulu.

We can’t always hear all the speeches because the director keeps censoring Manuel’s answers, Especially the very surprising one, but it’s not the first time the authors have tried to hijack cameras elsewhere to manipulate the audience’s thinking.

It’s a version where no couples are born, there are no attractions inside the house and The only reliable obsession that Lulu fuels about is the swimmer.

A sick relationship is unbearable even for the boy himself, but the director continues to push it, because he is very popular with the audience.

However, now it seems viewers have understood it all, and they have also revealed it on Twitter: During the night Manuel spoke to Aldo de Lolo without a microphone and some of the sentences were clear and crisp. Let’s see exactly what happened.

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Alfonso Signorini pushes the story between Lulu and Manuel, but he can’t stand it anymore and unleashes himself with Aldo

Aldo and Manuel in bed
Aldo and Manuel in bed (screenshot)

It’s comforting for you not to believe it so obviously because you have to blame someone! Did they show you letters in the warehouse where he said stop? No and then Ask yourself two questions that # Hahahahahahahaha Manuel is not playing with you He explains a comment on Twitter, then says another instead: “Dear did you try again then? What damage does it cause? But did you understand that they censored the speeches where Manuel says stop to make you believe in history? Pure Lulu does not despair because she knows.

In short, many have come to understand that there is the hand of Alfonso Signorini and the authors who continue to stress this dynamic when Manuel repeatedly tells Lulu that he is full of it.

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Until last night, speaking to Aldo, Givino repeated the same concept: nothing happened between them, He immediately realizes that Lulu is not suitable for him, but she is still obsessed.

Without a microphone, Manuel Aldo told what happened: In the market you still ask me for another chance … but that’s enough (…) is out and then says “thank you”, but it’s not like I told you the best thing you could hear.. (laughs).

At that point, Aldo, surprised, explains to the boy that people often take in words based on what they want to hear in order to remove the reality they don’t want to hear.

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