Amadeus confirmed at the Sanremo Festival in the next two editions

Amadeus confirmed at the Sanremo Festival in the next two editions

Amadeus confirmed by Carlo Fortezto Ray, Artistic Director and Host of the Sanremo Festival in the 2023 and 2024 editions. The decision, which brings the total number of festivals entrusted to Amadeus to 5, such as Bebo Bodo and Mike Bonjorno before him, was made in the morning during the period of the meeting in which Rai CEO Carlo Fuortes , along with the Prime Time manager Stefano ColettaAmadeus received a long interview. “I am pleased and honored to propose to CEO Carlo Fortez and Prime Time Director Stefano Coletta. Having received this proposal now allows me to act immediately. I cannot wait to get started,” Amadeus said.


The end of the last Sanremo, the press conference of Festival budgetAnd the forts He declared: “I want to sing a chant to AmadeusIt performed perfectly. He added with a joke: “They advised me to put Amadeus on a RAI horse. For me the winning team doesn’t change “and seal” we’ll talk about with Amadeus, he must be the first to want it. “They will have the opportunity to meet and talk about it. Sanremo’s work for me is a very long one, but it applies to all the things I do. We need ideas and strength to take things seriously. We will be able to meet and chat in peace. Rai is my home.” “Since February 19, the presenter has been busy with his new show your work family form.

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