European stock exchanges in the window. Stock market weakness due to oil stocks

European stock exchanges in the window.  Stock market weakness due to oil stocks

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – They move against European stock exchangesAfter the calm of the night, despite the outbreak of Covid-19 infections in some countries such as Germany and Austria. At the same time, the increase in injuries can be a guarantee monetary policy Still accommodating, though high inflation, which on the Old Continent reached 4.1% in October. The drop in the oil price remains in focus, with stocks in the sector under pressure. On Wednesday, November 17th session, Wall Street also closed lower, although futures contracts in the US market are now higher.

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CNH did well in Piazza Affari, and oil stocks were weak

In Avary Square industrial name, awaiting indications that will appear in the afternoon on the capital market day of the Iveco subsidiary, the company that will be separated from the group with its subsequent listing in Milan at the beginning of January. Diasurin The beneficiary of Europe’s rise in infections from Covid-19 rises. general It is weak although it turns out that Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone has bought more shares, reaching 7.25% of the capital. salt instead Mediobanca, based on a rumor that Leonardo del Vecchio is considering asking the European Central Bank to agree to a more than 20% capital increase. Shares of other banks and shares of the oil sector suffer weakness, affected by the fall in prices accused on the eve of crude oil. where are you represents the worst drop.

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Crude oil falls, China releases part of its strategic reserves

Still a minus sign for oil prices. “The movement of crude oil – say Mps Capital Services analysts – is due to fears of the release of strategic reserves by major countries (China and the US). The first signal in this direction came tonight from China, which announced that it would release part of the strategic reserves, but without providing further details for now. Impact on prices in addition toAdvertising effect What you see already, you will depend a lot on itthe extent of the deal. «Price dynamics
of oil – they continue – is going to matter, and as if prices are going to be contained (below $80 a barrel) even in the coming weeks, it should lead to Less upward pressure on inflation In the November (November) data, especially December.”

The dollar is dropping again, and all eyes are on the Federal Reserve

The dollar fell against the major currencies and the euro rose to 1.135. “However, the current weakness of the US currency could fade in the final weeks of the year – say analysts at ActivTrades – given expectations that the Federal Reserve will increase the pace of tapering and establish more solid prospects for a rate hike in 2022.” According to analysts, the likelihood of the Federal Reserve easing stimulus measures increased after last week’s US inflation data and retail sales on Tuesday, both of which surprised the upside.

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