Ilary Blasey, “Communication Problems”: How to Talk to Bastian

Ilary Blasey, “Communication Problems”: How to Talk to Bastian

He lives and works at Poststraße 26 in Wächtersbach, 60 kilometers from Frankfurt am Main. She lives in Rome at Eur and works at Viale Europa 44, in Cologno Monzese (Milan). Together they are now a steady couple and are among the most talked about in Italian gossip. Let’s talk about Ilary Blasey And Bastien Mueller Bittenbull. The question immediately arises: how the hell are they going to communicate? He’s German, she’s Italian. and communication could only take place in English, with the showgirl some time ago beginning, it seems, to repeat the language of Albion.

Presenter certainly received Precious contribution from his sons Christian and Chanel, who have attended the American School of Rome since they were children. Then lend a hand Michelle Hunziker – a friend and colleague of Ilary’s – who often dines with Blasi and Bastian speaks to Muller in German. It is not excluded, in turn, that in recent months the 36-year-old businessman has begun to study the Italian language to learn more about the culture of his new partner.

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In short, the love story between Ilary Blasey and Bastien Muller is going very well. The two have been together since last November and have been getting more serious than ever month after month. the ex wife Francesco Totti He never spoke publicly about this love story, but for Bastien’s birthday, he shared several selfies and a romantic dedication on Instagram. the two, As well as connection problems, however, they also have those related to distance. At the moment, in fact, they have not yet decided to move in together, but both will continue to live between Italy and Germany. Bastian will not move to Rome, just as Blasi will not move to Frankfurt.

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The new version of Celebrity Island About to start, but that’s not all. Ilary still has to take care of Isabelle, the third daughter from her marriage to Francesco Totti, and for that, He wouldn’t even move to Milan for work. A European love, then, and Ilary Blasi A new language to learn, but also a new friend to get to know better: Google Translate!

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