The threat makes the FBI tremble – Il Tempo

The threat makes the FBI tremble – Il Tempo

The number of Russian spies active in the United States remains “very high” despite recent attempts to expose them. This is the alarm sounded by FBI Director Christopher Wray, who said during a speech at a conference at the International Spy Museum that “the threat of traditional Russian espionage continues.” “The presence of Russian intelligence, and I mean Russian spies, is still very large in the United States – confirmed the number one of the internal agents – and it is something that we constantly bump into and try to prevent, prevent and boycott in the United States.” “At all times. Possible ways.” “If there is a need to remember what Russia’s interests are, it is enough to look at what is happening in Ukraine – continued Ray – so we do not take into account the fact that these same people are involved in reckless actions and in aggression from ” Ukraine”. The exchange of accusations between Moscow and Washington continues without interruption, with relations returning to the levels of tension that prevailed during the Cold War.

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