Ukraine is moving rapidly towards EU membership. “Within two years” fates were turned

Ukraine is moving rapidly towards EU membership.  “Within two years” fates were turned

Ukraine in the European Union? Now there really is timing. At least according to the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, Olha Stefanyshina, in an interview with Voice of America: “We will be ready for EU membership in two years, but it is clear that the course of the war will determine the political course.” Domain. I believe that two years will be enough to fully prepare, and when the war with Russia is over, we will do ten times as much as we are doing now to make this decision.

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Stefanyshina stressed that Ukraine is also working to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), but the decision itself does not depend on Kiev alone. In particular, the issue of the Atlantic alliance is a political decision: “We are working to enhance interoperability with allied forces and strengthen the country’s strategic defense capabilities through defense and security sector reforms and the lessons of war we have learned.” Meanwhile, Stefanyshina believes that Ukraine can join NATO faster than the European Union. This is connected with the fact that after the victory, the coalition will want to get a country with one of the most powerful armies, which will be the guarantor of Europe’s security.

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