The collapse of Rocca del Bullet, the geological emblem of Pallars Jossa

A legend has fallen. Tonight from Tuesday to Wednesday The famous Rocca del Bullet di Figuerola d'Orca has fallen into the voidin Pallars Jussà, a mushroom-shaped geological formation It has become a symbolic space And the identification code in the region.

This collapse He did not cause personal harmBut it has opened a debate about what to do with the now-empty space that has captured the interest of locals and visitors for decades.

The logo disappears

La Roca del Bolet is located in the area known as Mont des Conques Popularly, it has been identified as “the oldest mushroom in the world.” They were actually referring to a natural rock formation geologists call it Crowned columngreat Travertine rock supported by a clay column.

The passage of years had eroded it until tonight it finally collapsed. “Sad news” for the neighbors who spent many moments of their lives there, he said janine abella, Mayor of Isona and Conca della, where Figuerola Durcao is from:

“It was a very beloved symbol of the city and the entire region. It's a natural phenomenon that we don't like, but we knew it was bound to happen, because rocks, somehow, die too.”

Remains of Rocca del Bullet after its collapse (City Council of Isona and Conca della)

Can it be rebuilt?

The city council has already asked for advice from where the geopark is located He advised against rebuilding it. With the alternative, They are thinking about recreating it with other materials or installing explanatory panels.

It is a decision, however, that they will make in agreement with the owner of the area – which is a private area – and with the population as a whole.

“In the coming days, we will consult with the residents of Figuerola about how they think we should give value to this space, or preserve it in the historical memory of our municipality and explain it generation after generation.”

In conjunction with the Conca di della Hiking Festival, on the first weekend of June, The City Council will celebrate with tributes It will provide a historical explanation about the formation of Rocca del Bullet.

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