American money finances the first division

American money finances the first division

the American funds They have taken Italian football by storm. From the Italian league to the third division, American money finances dozens of teams: with what goals?

American funds in the first division

In recent years, many American businessmen have bought Italian teams. At the moment, there are dozens of American-owned companies between the upper and lower leagues.

in league The most famous acquisition was the purchase of AC Milan, which passed from one American fund to another, from Elliott A red birdFor 1.2 billion euros.

Another important operation was that carried out by the Friedkin family in Rome, with the subsequent purchase and write-off of the company, which cost approx. 600 million euros.

They also play in the Premier League Atalanta, Fiorentina, Bologna And from next year Genoa, all financed with American money.

Series B and C, bets in the province

It is not only the top league that attracts investment from it overseas. Even the miniseries is populated by different realities with their American owners.

Parma was bought by Krause groupwhich has already invested around 300 million, giving life to a women’s team and now aims to redevelop the stadium.

In the second division there is also Pisa, Venice and Ascoli, While SPAL has just been landed, all companies are partially or completely controlled by Americans.

The centrality of the Elliott experiment

link between league The US has been around for some time, but Elliott’s operation in Milan has given greater visibility to our league as an investment opportunity.

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Bottom took A team in crisis results and imagecut costs, set a budget and win the championship.

After reorganizing the accounts, he sold the company at a profit of approx Half a billion.

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