The story of eighteen-year-old Giovanni D’Antonio, disputed by 10 American universities

The story of eighteen-year-old Giovanni D’Antonio, disputed by 10 American universities

Young Giovanni D’Antonio was one of the heroes on the scene of the opening of Procida – the Italian capital of culture in 2022. Eighteen years old, from San Gennaro Vesuviano, student of the Scientific High School Torricelli in Somma Vesuviana: Saturday evening, when the small island in the Gulf of Naples begins to celebrate, immediately after the intervention The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, D’Antonio will hold a philosophical lecture Lectio Magistralis on the topic “Hope”.

Dozens of American universities competed for it

“Believe me, I am an ordinary man – he began – afraid to sound like a nerd or an egotist. It is not so.” At the age of eighteen and even before graduation, his resume is already a record. So much so that dozens of American universities have invited him to move to the United States to continue his studies. “By early May, I will choose – and he vows – it is not easy, I am Spoiled to choose between Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia and Stanford. I am honored with a lot of interest. American universities also offer me scholarships. I did not hope to get all this. I will enroll in economics and computer engineering: two courses because it was possible in America For some time now, universities have been organized to allow this.”

First place in the Philosophy Olympiad

Giovanni was born and lives in the small town of San Gennaro Vesuviano with a population of 12,000. His father is a lawyer and his mother is a mathematics teacher. He is an only child, followed by his parents who pay off with excellent academic results. He is interested in humanistic and scientific subjects because – he says – “there is a thread that connects everything: philosophy.” Hence the story of his recent successes. In fact, Giovanni, with his high school, participates in the Philosophy Olympiad in 2021 and qualifies first in Italy and fourth in the world. Success also for his high school, for the country: the news is circulated and amplified by the national media.

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Meanwhile, the talented young Vesuvian has gained self-confidence, thinks about the future, the university at which he continues his studies and dreams of entering the best universities in the world. It is said and implemented: Sending curricula and applications for admission to eleven universities among the first in the world rankings. Supports tests and interviews. Torricelli Scientific High School participates because references are requested from the USA. And surprise! Between March and April, all institutions interviewed invite him.

Then call Procida

The good news, as we know, spreads quickly from mouth to mouth. This is taken into account by the general director of “Procida, the Italian capital of culture 2022”, Agostino Riitano, who wants him on stage to cut the ribbon. “I shall speak of hope—the philosopher expects—: a symbolic subject if a boy were to speak of it to a country that seems to lose it so often.” Giovanni gives his speech, but does not want to expect anything else. And from Sunday he will return with full speed to his obligations and pleasures. “I love sports – speaks for itself – volleyball, running … I have dear friends … Then I have to prepare myself for high school.” dream? “I’d like to know how to ride – he says – I’ve never done that before.”

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