The central government calls on the ERC and Junts not to insist on a “failed” referendum.

The central government calls on the ERC and Junts not to insist on a “failed” referendum.

In the midst of the Catalan primary campaign, and with the elections scheduled for Sunday, May 12 after the breakthrough approved by President Pere Aragonés, the government is hardening its tone against Catalan independence. On the other hand, A. says: ERC I together They do not insist on a referendum because it is a “failed” formula. On the other hand, he warns of his intention to act against all “divisive” initiatives and appeal to those related to self-determination, as he did yesterday against the People’s Legislative Initiative (ILP) that Parliament approved last February. Declared independence.

In the face of the proposals of the sovereign formations, which consider that the amnesty, recently approved by Congress, is another stage towards a fate that includes a binding vote on the secession of Catalonia, the executive authority insists that the measure of grace is a goal without anything new. Chapters: The end of the process. But the result will have a lot to do with what will happen in the next regional elections in which a candidate will run sunSalvador Illa comes in first place, according to recent opinion polls, and has a chance to reach Palau de la Generalitat if Independence does not succeed in re-liberating its current parliamentary majority.

Final denial

“We are already talking about the referendum with him PSOE“, confirmed Marta Rovira, Secretary General of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission, on Sunday, in an interview with the newspaper El Periodico. The head of Justice, the Presidency and Relations with the Courts, Felix Bolaños, categorically denied the statement yesterday. The talks with the Republicans and beyond. The minister explained that the convergences are not about consultations Of this kind, because, in his opinion, they generate “conflict and confrontation”, as we saw in 2017. Bolaños even expressed his bewilderment at the fact that the ERC and Junts continue to insist on a referendum.

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“We are in the election campaign in Catalonia and we will hear many things said, some of which are not true, like this. Our commitment to agreement, dialogue and trans-majority is a clear policy. The old formulas that led to failure with the groups that generated conflict and confrontation, do not lead,” the minister said from the Moncloa Palace. To anything. What amazes me is that there are still people who bet on these formulas. “We are betting on a large cross-majority.”

Appeal before the Constitutional Court

At the same time, the Council of Ministers approved the appeal against the Independent Labor Party of Parliament for a unilateral declaration of independence, which passed a month before the first liquidation with the votes of Unites and the Labor Party. cup And abstain from voting on the ERC. The Peace and Security Council submitted this initiative to the Constitutional Court last week. Now the government has done the same thing. because? According to Bolaños, the demand for an “immediate” suspension is to address it, which can be requested by the executive authority, not the parliamentary groups.

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Unlike Parliament's legislative proposals, the IAP does not expire when elections are called, as is the case in this case with the Aragonés advance. But its treatment is already de facto suspended, and will only continue during the next legislative session, with the new Catalan Council that will emerge from the May 12 elections.

According to Bolaños, resorting to the Constitution is “fully consistent” with the government’s rhetoric to avoid “judicialization” of politics as much as possible. “This appeal protects the Constitution and the institutions of Catalonia. It protects dialogue. Neither the government nor the PSC is committed to independence. We do not want any isolationist policy for Catalonia – said the Minister -. What we want is the opposite: “Catalonia is an essential part of Spain and the European Union. This appeal is along these lines. In the face of any divisive legal treatment, which leads to the fracture of society, the defense of autonomy and the basic system is the best guarantee of coexistence.” The challenge, in this sense, has a double basis, according to the Cabinet reference: The Independent Labor Party recognized by Parliament violates Several articles of the Constitution go beyond the “judicial framework” of Catalonia.

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