Putin and the purge of alleged spies: FSB general Beseda in a maximum security prison: “He is the spy of the West”

Putin and the purge of alleged spies: FSB general Beseda in a maximum security prison: “He is the spy of the West”

Russian President Vladimir Putin keep working disinfection from intelligence Russians Who points the finger against him for failureproces at Ukraine. The last of them in the list of victims of internal purge – according to international reports quoted by various sources – is a senior intelligence officer inFsb (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation): colonel General Serge Beseda68 years old, head of the 5th service of the FSB, was transferred to a maximum security prison in fliesAnd After he was previously under house arrest.

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Putin and the purge of (alleged) spies

Beseda will be found in a notorious prison Lefortovo. He will have to face serious accusations of intelligence “deficiencies”, as reported by him. The czar’s move can be read as a “warning” to other senior Russian officials who have been criticized as “guilty” in the alarming number of Russian deaths in Ukraine.

He said the Military Investigation Department is investigating Colonel Beseda’s case – as reported by the Daily Mail. Russian intelligence expert Andrey Soldatov.

Who is Beseda and what is he accused of?

Beseda, former head of FSB intelligence and political sabotage Soviet Unionwas traveling in Ukraine Shortly before the arrest. Among the accusations, he may be one of the “spys” who would have leaked the plans for the attack in the West. Beseda was arrested with his deputy Anatoly Bulyukh. The fate of the latter is unknown. Beseda has been an officer in Putin’s secret service (“reliable and long-standing,” as the intelligence services say) and has served as the head of the Fifth Service of the Federal Security Service since 2009.

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Lefortovo prison

It is known that Lefortovo Prison was used to separate political prisoners in the Soviet era and is routinely used to detain suspected traitors. Also in order to “cleanse” the suspects, Putin last month fired the deputy head of the Russian National Guard. there Russia He did not confirm his arrest or his current detention in Lefortovo.

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