March 29, 2023

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A man escapes from Cuba to the United States on an old biplane –

The old business of Ruben Martinez, an employee of a Cuban insurance company, who seems to have successfully evaded the radar. The authorities would have stopped the mother and sister

a Cuban survived in the United States of America on board Old biplane AN 2: A project from the past, with the pilot that seems to be it I managed to avoid the radars.

In fact, an investigation was opened by the federal authorities.

In the controls of the Soviet-designed aircraft Robin Martinezan employee of a company that provides low-cost freight transportation on Castro Island.

The plane took off from Sancti Spiritu around 7 and landed at 11.30 on Dade Collier’s runway for training and transfer.

A witness who was in the area claimed to have seen him pass at low altitude, then make his way to the runway about an hour’s drive from downtown Miami.

According to some sources, the Cuban police arrested Martinez’s mother and sister immediately after the news of the escape spread.

The Plane

AN 2 is often used in agricultural work, pest control or logistics trips. Rustic, able to land on a plot.

In North Korea, special forces were also used while the Azerbaijanis converted many samples into drones to deceive the Armenians’ defenses.


The pilot episode adds to the flow of illegal immigrants trying to reach the United States. A good number point to the southern border, through Mexico. Others try small boats and pontoons almost every day. They are usually intercepted by the US Coast Guard and sent back (more than 6000 in 2022). But this does not deter them from facing the sea.

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