December 8, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Beware of these signs! They are tougher in love. Did you know this?

There are many who take the emotional/emotional context as a real “test bed” to get to know someone seriously, especially when it constitutes a social context on an average length of time basis. We all live a love story as it seems most reasonable to us, and if we all at least try not to seem too annoying, there are people who seem to have the sole intention of appearing harsh towards the partner. It’s not just about Personal “Toxic” in general, but more specifically those who display “bad” attitudes. What are the forms of love between Signs?

Beware of these signs! They are tougher in love. Did you know this?

The scorpion

Unfortunately, despite being lovable and interesting on average, if he’s disappointed in an important way, he stops loving. But he does not present a separate indifference, on the contrary it seems that he really wants to provoke the wrath of the other party, even if he is on the wrong side. This is why these situations show the true underlying cruelty.


More “cold” and unaware of their cruelty but no less cruel indeed. If they do not feel appreciated by the partner, they simply do nothing but verbally annoy the other party until the end of the relationship. In some cases, their cruelty leads them to “keep” the relationship only to continue the questionable way of working.


In love he becomes especially selfish as well as very childish. If he’s not satisfied, he’ll truly become an emotional speaking kid, who enjoys making clear what’s wrong with the relationship. This obviously causes the rifts that Leon seems to want to feed even without real reasons.

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