The skating legend suffered a stroke after having a limb amputated

The skating legend suffered a stroke after having a limb amputated

conditions Roman Kostomarov46-year-old legend skiing, They are dramatic and desperate. In the past few days, the health of the 2006 Turin Olympic gold medalist has worsened even further.

The death of Roman Kostomarov

The former dancer suffered from a Apoplexy She spent the night between Monday and Tuesday in intensive care and under plasmapheresis, or blood purification, for infection. Last week on the Russian athlete was Amputation. She is dying now.

Kostomarov was one of the best athletes ever in his sport. In his palms are two gold medals of the World Championships (2004 and 2005), three gold medals of the European Championships (2004, 2005 and 2006) and the aforementioned first place at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin with Tatyana Navka.

After his sports career, he did not stop dancing in performances and exhibitions. Last month, to participate in an outdoor event organized by another skiing ace, Ilya Averbukh (silver in Salt Lake City 2022), he worked in very low temperatures, and then was transferred to Komunarka, on the outskirts of Moscow with a high temperature.

The plight of Roman Kostomarov

Since then, Kostomarov A.A GolgothaBilateral pneumonia, loss of consciousness, infection throughout the body, induced coma, amputation of both feet (and apparently some fingers). Finally, the stroke in the last few hours, as told by Sport Express. There will be severe brain damage. “Subbrain hematoma with acute stage in the frontal lobe, gray and white matter lesions,” the paper reads.

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The situation becomes more dramatic as the lungs collapse: the right lung does not function independently, while there is fibrosis in the left lung with fluid accumulation. Accumulation that also occurs in other parts of the body due to decreased kidney function.

Doctor: The process of disintegration of all organs has begun

there Oksana Domnina’s wife In recent days she has shown to be an optimist, in contrast to those who treat the sample. The process of disbanding all members has begun. Given the seriousness of the situation, systemic failure of multiple organs, including kidney failure, is likely. Dr. Anna Korobkina, a nephrologist at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel, who owns the Komonarka Hospital, told the Russian press that edema in the kidneys was the result of many serious disorders in the body.

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