Live broadcast Italy-Cuba 3-1, Volleyball Nations League 2023 Live broadcast: The arrival of the first success of the Azzurri!

Live broadcast Italy-Cuba 3-1, Volleyball Nations League 2023 Live broadcast: The arrival of the first success of the Azzurri!

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00:21 Tomorrow’s appointment with Germany match. OA Sport thank you for keeping the emotion of this match going with us and we wish you a good continuation of the evening.

00:19 52 winning attacks, 8 blocks, 5 aces and 29 fouls for Italy, against 41 attacks, 9 blocks, 3 aces and 29 fouls for Cuba.

00:17 Romano and Putolo are the best in the field with 17 points and offensive efficiency of 20% and 14%, respectively. Rinaldi (12) and Sanguinetti (10) also perform well.

00:15 The first success in this Nations League for the Azzurri is able to beat Kabba 3-1. With this victory, Italy moved back to eleventh in the standings.

25-18 The arrival of the first victory for Italy!

24-18 Loeb push with two hands from Rinaldi, there are six match points for Italy!

23-18 Gutierrez is a deep diagonal.

23-17 Sanguinetti came back to score points.

22-17 along the service of Moscow.

22-16 Rinaldi finds hands block on a complex ball.

21-16 Romanò deep, we keep the advantage.

20-16 Lopez continues to score points.

20-15 impenetrable parallel from Romanò.

19-15 paid the first time masu.

19-14 Concepcion’s long joke.

18-14 Lopez Wall in Putolo.

18-13 narrow diagonal put on by Potolo.

17-13 Another great tube from Lopez.

17-12 Thondike’s service is over.

16-12 Winner Lopez Tube.

16-11 Romanian takes advantage of a ball close to the net!

15-11 Roman Eddie found the wall of Concepcion.

14-11 Thondike Nie nd Loeb.

14-10 Rinaldi Loeb incl.

13-10 Potolo’s long joke.

13-9 Gutierrez serve no pass.

12-9 Yant scored from the second line.

12-8 Muroneeee from Moscow on Lopez!

11-8 Bottolo finds his hands against the wall.

10-8 first half of Concepcion.

10-7 Paid Potolo Lube.

9-7 Gutierrez’s offense shut down.

9-6 Thondike’s joke is also out.

8-6 The series ends with Boro serving.

An 8-5 Herrera shot also escapes.

7-5 Foul on offense by Yant.

6-5 Yant attack on the net at the end of the big exchange!

5-5 Masu long joke.

4-5 Practice Herrera from the second line.

4-4 net invasion Masu.

3-4 along the potolo service.

3-3 Boro wins with a goal against Masu.

2-3 Many-Out by López It’s dangerous to let a team like Cuba make progress.

2-2 lops the nail diagonally.

2-1 halftime in Moscow.

1-1 The sixth foul on Sanguinetti’s serve.

1-0 starts again with a hit from Potolo.

23:50 The Azzurri weren’t so sarcastic. In the third set, Cuba left space but Romani and his teammates couldn’t take advantage of it. Bottolo is still the best with Romanò with 13 points, but the percentages have dropped to 18% and 16% efficiency respectively. Yant performed well for Cuba with 7 points in part.

20-25 gardini service error.

20-24 in Gardini Square of Joke.

20-24 Bottolo finds my hand against the wall.

19-24 Recine wrong this time from nine meters.

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19-23 Risen enters and finds an ace!

18-23 First half of Sanguinetti.

17-23 Wall of Concepcion in Putolo.

17-22 Yant sends Cuba to +5.

17-21 Romano spoils an important counterattack.

17-20 Suarez enters and misses the serve.

16-20 Wall of Concepcion in Rinaldi.

16-19 deep diagonal ynt.

16-18 error in serving Lopez.

15-18 Bottolo tube does not pass, it is important not to give up at this moment.

15-17 Yant tubes.

15-16 Giving back to Herrera.

14-16 Roman service does not pass this time.

14-15 aceiiii from Roman!

13-15 Romanian scoring from the second line.

12-15 Concepcion jokes don’t pass.

11-15 Balonto by Lopez, we’re missing out on a lot of chances at this point.

11-14 Long Sanguinity Joke.

11-13 Sanguinetti’s spooky wall on Herrera!

10-13 Wall of Concepcion on Putolo, attention.

10-12 Rinaldi’s tubes survive.

10-11 diagonal yants deep from the fourth place.

10-10 breadths in three meters of Bottolo, parity!

9-10 Putolo left ball, Italy back to -1.

8-10 practice by Rinaldi from second place.

Boro joke 7-10 long.

7-9 Maso’s service does not pass.

6-9 Yant shot a separate ball.

6-8 Masuo escapes first half.

5-8 Rinaldi opens the way for Italy.

4-8 Yant sends Cuba to +4.

4-7 Ace Lopez Again, De Giorgi calls a timeout.

4-6 Ace by Lopez.

4-5 Herrera shoulder from the second line.

4-4 Romanian closes the longest exchange of the match.

3-4 along Romanò’s service.

3-3 mani outside Roman of the second line.

2-3 Concepcion misses from nine metres.

1-3 Lopez makes use of the slash.

1-2 Winner Yant Tubes.

1-1 yant is also wrong.

0-1 starts again with a foul by Rinaldi on duty.

23:20 A partial second is not exciting from a game point of view, but the Azzurri were good at not overdoing it: a block, an ace and 6 direct fouls. Potolo is still the best with 10 points and 28% efficiency in attack, followed by Romanian with 9 with 21% efficiency.

25-19 error on Herrera’s serve, winning the first point in the VNL!

24-19 Lopez eliminates the first.

24-18 foul hit Concepcion, there are six set points for Italy.

23-18 stifled the first half of Concepcion.

23-17 is a large parallel to Roman.

22-17 Yant passes in the middle of the wall from a place four.

22-16 Bottolo closes the shot on a tight diagonal.

21-16 disaster in Lopez’s reconstruction.

20-16 Rinaldi opens the situation, Valachi is inside for Boro.

19-16 Herrera brings his team back to -3.

19-15 Wall of Concepcion on Sanguinetti, Attention.

19-14 The Wall of Yant in Romani.

19-13 Herrera’s deep diagonal.

19-12 Muroneeee by Rinaldi on Lopez!

18-12 Roman still wins from the second line.

17-12 Loeb Taboada II.

17-11 Lopez hitting foul.

16-11 showing from fourth place by Lopez.

16-10 Ace with tape assist for Bottolo.

15-10 Romanò deep diagonal of the second line.

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14-10 for the first time by Masu.

14-9 Tubes by Rinaldi.

13-9 Ace Concepcion.

13-8 Foul hit Sanguinetti.

13-7 Sanguinetti continues to perform well from center.

12-7 Rinaldi’s joke does not pass.

12-6 Another great first half by Sanguinetti, already seven points for the quarterback blues.

11-6 Roman attack closed, Italy fly to +5!

10-6 Excellent first half from Sanguinetti.

9-6 along Borough service.

9-5 Lube Boro second goal, already the third point for Paolo.

8-5 winner Lopez tube.

8-4 Lopez’s joke doesn’t pass.

7-4 first time by Masu.

7-3 Lube Tamoada escapes.

6-3 Gran pipe di Bottolo, blue takes Herrera in the face all over.

5-3 tight Roman attack.

4-3 Bosca’s joke does not pass.

4-2 Romanian joke on the net.

4-1 Intention’s second attack by Boro!

3-1 millimeter parallel from Romanò, immediately a break for Italy.

2-1 conquest of Herrera’s goal.

1-1 Herrera trained.


22:55 Italy’s first convincing set, thanks to a very foul and not very sarcastic Cuba. Convincing Azzurri in the break phase with 5 blocks and 2 aces, Caribbean with 10 fouls on the scoresheet. Potolo player of the match with 6 points.

25-20 coaching from Romanò, Italy wins Group A of the VNL!

24-20 Lopez training from fourth.

24-19 Aceeeee with the help of the tape for Romanò!

23-19 Herrera offensive foul.

22-19 first half in Moscow.

21-19 along Sanguinetti’s service.

21-18 Yant lends the line nine meters.

20-18 Herrera’s Wall in Putulu.

20-17 Seven Depth of Concepcion.

20-16 Winner Potolo Tube.

19-16 Concepcion wall in Rinaldi, imprecise blues in the elevator.

19-15 Borough Service Fault.

19-14 Mamma Mia! Wall with Sun Sanguinetti in Concepcion.

18-14 Counterattack by Romanò, we fly to +4!

17-14 Herrera is in crisis! Sur Renalci vs Cuban!

16-14 Moses is also mistaken by nine metres.

15-14 error in the Moscow service.

15-13 No Passage! Moroni Moscow on Herrera.

14-13 rebounds on defense Lucky López Castro.

14-12 Rinaldi responds in the tube.

Pipe trip 13-12 yt.

13-11 López Castro’s Net Invasion.

12-11 hit the nine-meter Sanguinetti line.

12-10 Sanguinte Ace!

11-10 Potolo from the fourth seat immediately forgiven.

10-10 Putolo tries to put, but the ball goes out.

10-9 Intention Tube II by Rinaldi, Blowout!

9-9 hands-on training from the Sanguinetti Center.

8-9 Rinaldi out, in part to Cuba 3-0.

8-8 first half of Concepcion.

8-7 first point in the game Yant.

8-6 foul from nine meters by Masu.

7-6 first time by Masou.

7-5 big print! Sanguiniti wall on Herrera!

6-5 Deep Attack by Boro!

5-5 serving with Lopez Castro.

4-5 escapes Roman’s counterattack.

4-4 Muroneeeeeee by Bottolo on Herrera!

3-4 is also trained by Herrera from second place.

3-3 Another coaching from Putolo, already Mattia’s third point.

2-3 Alvarez makes use of the slash.

Joke 2-2 long sanguinity.

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2-1 Potolo attack tight.

1-1 error in Rinaldi’s service.

1-0 It starts with a hands-on training from Putolo.

10:30 p.m. Italy replies with: Porro, Romano, Putolo, Rinaldi, Sanguinetti, Mosca and Palaso.

22:29 This is the sextet from Cuba: Herrera, Rojas, Yant, López Castro, Alvarez, Diaz.

22:27 It’s time for the national anthems.

22:25 The warm-up is over, everything is ready!

22:22 Italy is currently 16th and last in the standings, the goal will obviously be to try to get back on top, and tonight with Cuba could be a good opportunity. In contrast, the Caribbeans had a difficult start and lost against the Netherlands (3-0) and against Canada (3-2).

22:19 In addition to qualification for the VNL quarter-finals, reserved for the top 8 teams, these matches also affect the standings (necessary for Olympic qualification) and after the first two matches, Italy dropped from second to fourth.

22:16 DT obviously takes advantage of this stage to give young athletes experience, but we have to be careful not to underestimate the situation too much.

22:13 A very complicated start to the VNL for De Giorgi’s sons, still in the group of victories and sets after defeats against Argentina (3-0) and the United States (3-0).

22:10 Good evening and welcome to the live broadcast of Italy and Cuba, a match valid for the fourth day of the 2023 Men’s Volleyball Nations League.

OA Sport friends good afternoon and welcome LIVE LIVE from Italy and Cubathe match is valid for the fourth day of the Men’s Volleyball Nations League 2023. After the women’s tournament, the men’s tournament also comes, and the national team of Fefè De Giorgi, in Ottawa (Canada) is still striving for the first success.

The journey of Romano and his comrades did not start in the best way with two clear defeats to Argentina (3-0) and the United States (3-0), results that made Italy drop from second to fourth place in the world rankings. Tonight against Cuba, a young and lively formation, it will be important to change the order in light of the quarter-finals. In fact, we remind you that the tournament formula provides for one group of 16 teams, eventually the eight best will face each other in head-to-head matches starting from the quarter-finals, and Italy currently occupies the last place in the tournament. arrangement. It was not an easy start either for Cuba, which lost 3-0 to Canada yesterday, after losing to Canada (3-2).

OA Sport brings you live broadcasts from Italy and Cuba, a match valid for the fourth day of the Men’s Volleyball Nations League 2023, real-time news, minute after minute, action after action, emotion after emotion, so you don’t really miss anything, the match will start at 10.30 pm!

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