Moto GP. If Pedrosa is, could Valentino Rossi win as a wild card? What is the level of modern pilots?

Moto GP.  If Pedrosa is, could Valentino Rossi win as a wild card?  What is the level of modern pilots?

One of the themes of Jerez de la Frontera’s weekend is the competitiveness he has expressed Dani Pedrosa. Veteran Catalan Warrior, 37 years old Played, participated in the Spanish Grand Prix thanks to A wild cardsReturn as a hero. Iberian He retired at the end of 2018On Friday, set the best time in FP1, and close on Saturday VI In the Sprint he stayed comfortably in the leading group and closed out Sunday with a good result Seventh place.

A great roadmap if we consider how Spanish he was duster Dedicated. In fact, Pedrosa has always remained in training, and has filled the role of test rider for KTM on a regular basis from 2019 onwards. Moreover, he had already used a wild card. In the’August 2021 He had participated in the Grand Prix of Styria. He behaved more than dignified, but without impressing as in the previous three days. However, what happened has caused confusion Average level affiliate pilots Found in MotoGP.

if it was “former”however noble, he sometimes returns to work and compares favorably with the current ones top ridersHow old are the aforementioned “knights” really, especially in relation to those who preceded them in the World Championship forum? Someone, half jokingly, fired one excitement: “If this is Pedrosa, we are sure it is by giving Ducati or Ktm hands Valentino RossiCan’t the doctor come back to fight for success despite his 44 years of age? “.

MotoGP, Valentino Rossi praises Bagnaia on track after his win in Jerez – VIDEO

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We are literally inincitement of discussion, however pour parler It deserves to be discovered. Because the assumption is not entirely unsupported, as it is based on the background of Pedrosa and Rossi in their heyday. However, one must be the realists. We know the tale of the hero from Tavullia very well. He retired at the end of 2021 because he could no longer score. a a star It reaches the end of its life cycle, after pressing any chemical element to continue shinesI reached for iron, inevitably crumble. It’s the fate of stars, whether real or figurative.

It must be remembered that in 2021the doctor He drove a completely different Yamaha than the current one. M1 that allowed a Fabio Quartaro To brag about the world title. With the same bike, Valentino finished the races in the back while El Diablo He won it in the series and Viñales dissidentdespite the ups and downs, they did the same thing on an occasional basis (before being promptly fired upon by the Japanese company).

No, gentlemen, we are not kidding. current russian It will not be competitive In any way in MotoGP. Provocation is good for meditation, as in this case, but you need to put everything in the right context. Moreover, me 37 The Pedrosa years are not me 44 affiliate doctor Who, in fact, at the age of Danny finished the World Cup in 2nd placewinning two races and being on the podium ten times.

Another example of Thirty-seven before the stormthough Lump sumHe was Troy Bayliss. The Australian, born in 1969, replaced the injured Set Gibernau in Valencia in 2006 and had won Grand prize. In short, at Pedrosa’s age you can still be competitive and make your mark on an occasional basis. Regarding the average level of today’s MotoGP riders, let’s say so Every person is a child of his time And there is no way to give an unambiguous answer to the question.

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