The seventh edition of Espurnes Barroques celebrates its inaugural concert at La Pobla de Claramunt on the evening of Saturday, May 11.

The seventh edition of Espurnes Barroques celebrates its inaugural concert at La Pobla de Claramunt on the evening of Saturday, May 11.

In the words of its director, Josep Barcones, “The Church of La Pobla is an unbeatable place to present a musical proposal that will not leave anyone indifferent, both for the musical quality and for the concept that forms the backbone, which is rounded off with gastronomy and good taste.” A heritage discovery.” The concert will be performed by the vocal group Cantoria, one of the premier bands with the greatest international reputation throughout Spain. After the success achieved this summer at the prestigious Utrecht Festival, the ten musicians of the group, led by Jorge Losana, will give the first performance of the program They Will Play In it, for the first time in the modern era, some pieces were recently restored by the Complutense Institute of Musical Sciences. After the concert at Espurnes Barroques, the group toured the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United States, with performances in New York, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

The program, titled “Powers and Vilances,” consists of festive pieces that will take us on a journey from the 13th century to the 18th century. The playful dimension of the concert is guaranteed, with new and innovative music, of which Cantoria is one of the best specialists worldwide. The ceremony, as is customary in Esbournes, will have a heritage explanation and a tasting that will complement the narrative of the ceremony.

Beyond Anoia

Although the opening ceremony will be at La Pobla de Claramunt, in the morning, at 11.30 am, the poetic installation “Misteri de Llum”, by Chilean Felipe Cosín and Catalan Victor Sunyol, which you can see in the framework of the Sant Isidre de Solsona gallery, will be inaugurated. , in which nearly 200 children from the capital of Solsona participated. This coincidence with the fair is quite deliberate, in order to emphasize the agricultural and animal dimension of the region to which Esbornes Baroque brings musicians of the highest level, trying to be a cultural claim not only for the inhabitants of the region, but also for people from everywhere – attracted by the value of the cultural offerings that the festival makes possible. – You discover the heritage, landscapes and tourist offer of these places. It is that, between May 11 and June 9, the Catalan Baroque Festival par excellence will organize 14 concerts, 3 walking tours, 2 talks, 2 musical lunches (one with wine tasting and the other with a baroque dance), 2 artistic installations, 1 workshop and 1 performance in each. Small rural municipalities in central Catalonia that have preserved a unique Baroque heritage.

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Apart from these general activities, the Festival has programmed around fifty social and educational activities that have already begun to take place since March, reaching youth, children and vulnerable people from 23 municipalities and receiving financial and logistical support. These municipalities belong to 6 provinces, with Solsonès, Bages, Anoia, Segarra, Noguera and Berguedà being added this year.

The Festival continues to adhere strictly to young talents trained in Catalonia, but also opens up to the international dimension, programming groups such as the prestigious Concerto Italiano directed by Rinaldo Alessandrini (on 8 June at Cervera), and soprano Miriam Feuersinger (on 8 June at Cervera). May 19 in Berga), mezzo-soprano Juliette May (June 2 at Fergus Gerrigat), violinist Lena Tour (June 8 and 9 at Pontus and La Molsusa), etc.

A good example of this mixture between international and local talent, between youth and experience, can be experienced on Sunday, May 12 in the afternoon in the Church of the Salles (San Salvador de Guardiola), where Ignacio Ramal’s violin is located and you will find the sounds of Concordo. Condrozzaniso from Sardinia and organist Juan de la Rubia (organist in charge of the Sagrada Familia and director of the Orchestra del Miracle, which the festival promotes). Previously, in Salil, there will be a musical lunch with young talents from ESMUC, at Celler Fargas Fargas, with a tasting of 5 types of wine. The morning will begin in Cuaner (San Mateo de Bagjes), where Anachronia will perform alongside Rita Moraes, winner of the Pekka Bach Salvat Prize from the Baccelona Foundation.

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