Sangiovanni and Blanco, what a tile! Bad news for singers from San Remo

Sangiovanni and Blanco, what a tile!  Bad news for singers from San Remo

After Sanremo, the success was overwhelming, but beware of Blanco and Sangiovanni who don’t smile

When the young and the less experienced are overshadowed by the big hit, it’s always a bit risky because they are uprooted from everyday life to become superstars, and two seniors in San Remo have tried it on their skin.

The “Big Two” at the latest edition of Sanremo Festival (ANSA)

On the one hand, the winner of the latest version of Sanremo Festival With your travel companion Mahmudon the other hand, the fifth seed, as well as the finalist of Amechi di Maria Di Filippi, but with a combined success he led them all over Italy to compose music. blanco And the Saint John They are two “big” guys who at any moment found themselves overwhelmed by the success of real stars, especially the festival winner who sold almost all of his tours the halls.

Fame is not easy to manage, even for younger guys who don’t have enough experience to understand how to behave in certain areas and the latest news is the clear proof of that.

Blanco and Sangiovanni do not graduate: you will not have the maturity of 2022

Due 2022

From tomorrow, Wednesday, June 22nd, the written examinations of the baccalaureate 2022 will begin in Italy and, as usual, this is a great target for Italian students who can’t wait to graduate and enjoy the summer. also blanco And the Saint John They were supposed to graduate this year, but they won’t be able to. The reason is the same for both of them even if the winner of the festival who attended IISS “Luigi Pazzoli – Marco Polo” to me Desenzano subordinate Gardahas clear ideas about the diploma: “I left school now just because I focused on something else, I have a goal. I obviously know I need a minimum of culture but at a certain point, in my case, the real school was the one outside the school”.

backwards, Saint John to me wild moose He admitted that he lost a year due to several obligations: “I won’t go now because I’m always around, I don’t have time. I still have my class, I’m still in the group. They ask me to go on trips or parties, but yeah, come on, I have to finish school”.

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