Ghent Wevelgem 2023 In La Porte, Jana falls and retires

Ghent Wevelgem 2023 In La Porte, Jana falls and retires

A sight seen many times in cycling history but always one that makes an impact. In the Gent Wivelgem Two riders from the same team (LTo Jumbo Visma) to flee. The perfect work, one might say, among narrow streets and stretches of cobblestone. captain Wout van Aert, The lieutenant is Christophe Laporte. They make a blank and appear on the straight in perfect harmony, literally side by side. Van Aert, which showed he had more steps aside. And France came back to win the Wevelgem after 26 years, most recently with Philippe Gaumont.

True or Flase? Let’s go back to the history of cycling. More or less in stage races, when the captain allows the follower to win for which I curse his soul. Historical example: Hinault leaving a miss kiss to Bernaudeau on the Stelvio stage of the Giro ’80 after a joint action to show off the rose from Panizza. But for example, 1996’s Roubaix, with the three of Mapei Museeuw (who won), Bortolami and Tafi serving as basemen without the possibility of playing it for main orders, still makes someone turn up their nose many years later.

Anyway, that’s how it went. If the strongest did not win, then it is at least legitimate to say that the strongest won. All on an inclement weather day, with rain, wind and hail. A situation that made the elimination race. pay for it, among other things, Philip Jana, crashed far from the end and was forced to retire. Fortunately, nothing broke two weeks before Paris-Roubaix. Finally, the third place should be recorded for Sep Vanmarcke from Israel Premier Tech: at least he made a sprint to get to the podium.

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