Do you know where Piero Baron, Ignacio Pochetto and Gianluca Ginobel live from Il Vollo?

Do you know where Piero Baron, Ignacio Pochetto and Gianluca Ginobel live from Il Vollo?

Il Volo has become famous all over the world thanks to his impressive vocal talent, but do you know where each of the singers reside? Let’s take a look at the residences of the group’s members, with interesting facts and trivia…

Gianluca Ginobel, Ignacio Pochetteau and Piero Barone are known all over the world for their lyrical trio Il Volo. The three singers were born in different Italian regions and closely related to their origins. Glimpses of their homes have been leaked on social media. Let’s set off to discover the places where the singers live who, with their voice, have brought Italian pride to every latitude!

Where Piero Barone, Ignacio Pochetteau and Gianluca Ginobel live from Il Vollo

It is possible to greet the three members of Il Volo wherever they are in the world and at home. The houses of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble are scattered in different regions of Italy, especially in the country of the boot. Let’s see closely where each artist lives!

Where Piero Barone lives: super bright house in the heart of Sicily

Piero Barone of Il Volo lives in Naro, in the heart of wonderful Sicily. The home where his family grew up is an inspiring place for him and he has asked his fans to visit!

In his spare time from his many artistic commitments and world tours, Piero Baron always finds time for a healthy dose of singing exercises in his living room at home, as the singer explained on Instagram.

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Ignazio Pochetto lives from Il Volo in Marsala, in the province of Trapani, also in Sicily, where his family would have moved when he was a child. On social media, some photos of the singer and his fiancée Ana Paula Guedes shot in a beautiful house leaking modern details, essential lines, parquet floors and lots of white around it … Bochetto’s house does not even lack a piano, and he is ready to use for pleasant moments in his beloved music label . ..

Where Gianluca Ginobel lives: House with garden in the province of Teramo

Il Volo singer Gianluca Ginoble’s home is located in Abruzzo and is said to have a garden, a wonderful terrace and large rooms surrounded by an intense surge of natural light. Obviously with a piano in tow!

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