Inter, meeting with Moussa’s agent: Fatah for transfer, but there is also Plan B | first page

Inter, meeting with Moussa’s agent: Fatah for transfer, but there is also Plan B |  first page

Inter promoted Younes Dioumara Musa with full marksa midfielder, born in 2002 for Valencia, is capable of taking on various midfield roles on the field. Ausilio moved forward by meeting the player’s agent, Guidolin, who showed enthusiasm in the face of the possibility of his client moving to Italy.. For Inter, there is no doubt, Musa is Plan A to solidify themselves in midfield, but his price hurdle is very high. Valencia evaluates the player 40 million euros, A figure that is currently unattainable for the Viale della Liberazione club, which has not set a stone in the potential operation.

The first dialogues – Of course, in these cases, good timing is everything, because Moses sets the sights of the entire European football on him and at any moment anyone could decide to beat the blow by anticipating the competition. For now, Inter has been informed, also trying to understand if a discussion could be held with Valencia that would provide a technical counterpart. speaking now, which we shall then see how it will evolve and take shape, if it will materialize into something more serious.

Plan B – More accessible than Musa, due to his affordable price, Midfielder, 2002 Other: Carlos Alcaraz. Less prepared than Musa and lacks experience in European football however With plenty of room to grow and a technical-tactical similarity to Arturo Vidal’s first. Inter also appreciate his personality and would be willing to put me on the board for him 15 million that the Argentine club currently needs. If Musah is Plan A from Inter, it can be safely said that Alcaraz represents Plan B instead.

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