March 30, 2023

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The Russians are in great danger – time

Among the weapons Ukraine will receive from the United States are hundreds of Switchblades, a pocket-sized kamikaze drone that could prove to be a critical weapon against Russia. Analyzing supplies to Volodymyr Zelensky’s government on the April 16 episode of Kontrokornei, Rete4 talk show hosted by Veronica Gentile, Pietro Bacci, Director of ‘RID – Rivista Italiana Difesa’: “Kamikaze drones are very dangerous weapons for the Russians, they are very small weapons, they are Actually little drones that circle for a few minutes or even a few hours above the target and when they find them they go towards the target with their camera and make it go off.They are very tricky, because they can hardly be detected by radar, they are small and made of non-reflective material.I am a very tough customer for to the Russians. I imagine – in conclusion of the expert’s analysis – that there is some concern in Moscow about what NATO and the Americans are doing in support and support of the Ukrainians.”

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