Superbonus, the prank that makes thousands of people lose money. What is happening

Superbonus, the prank that makes thousands of people lose money.  What is happening

Legislative innovations on Superbonus never end: This is the new risk for families and businesses.

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History and development bonus to Homepage They are tormented and full of news that is however becoming more and more negative for users and companies, forced to move in an unstable climate. Several difficulties went into the super bounty path but also on the other rewards of the house (the bounty face for example). In fact, to say enough about the discount on the bill the craftsmen were the first among them for the big jobs. Now, however, they had to put up the money without being able to sell it to businesses like before. With the new rules, in fact, it was not possible to give credit: It is permissible to do this three times, the last of which must be a bank. But there is one Ads right Now.

Superbonus, from May we change

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For May, the legislator expected a change of course. An extension is scheduled for October 15, 2022 A history that would make it possible to disclose the credit to whoever wants it to be transferred. This must be done at a revenue agency. Moreover, it will be possible to allocate the balance for the fourth time, thereby increasing the number of possible times: it goes from three to four. The fixes are contained in Ordinance billswhich in any case provides for restrictions on banks and financial institutions regularly registered in the Register.

Construction bonus, because the state intervened

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As mentioned, there have been numerous fraud attempts since the birth of the premium bonus. This is how the government has developed a series of strategies. The first is the need to notify the Revenue Agency by a specific date: April 29. But not only that, because there is a series of documents that must be sent within five days. Otherwise you risk Bonus comment Moreover, the assignment of credit will be a person. But not only that, because what is alarming now are the controls imposed by the revenue agency itself, which is now focusing more on quirks and tricks. In fact, now the balance transfer can only be done in 30 percent Or after paying the same 30 per cent. If you want to sell more, like 60 percent, you have to pay an amount 60 percent. Moreover, it is also necessary to submit a compliance visa that has been approved by a specialist in the sector claiming that the costs obtained are in order and that the conditions are in place to own the two higher energy classes that allow you to get the bonus.

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