Influential Coffee Petito’s death: FBI raids her fianc’s family home

On Monday, the FBI raided the family home of Brian Laundry, the future husband of KP Petito in Florida.

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On Monday morning, FBI investigators raided Laundry’s parents’ home in North Harbor as part of a “court-approved search warrant” related to the Petito case.

Police said her parents were taken out of the house before the search and then brought inside for questioning.

The order comes as investigators are still searching for Laundry, who returned to his Florida home without Petito earlier this month, but refused to speak with investigators before he went missing last week.


The search for Petito’s friend focused on the natural resource near his home, but investigators said in a statement that “all possibilities for excavation have been exhausted on the spot”, a spokesman said Monday. North Port Police, Josh Taylor.

Human remains believed to belong to Betito were found in Wyoming on Sunday, however a tragic discovery that could help answer questions about what happened to the 22-year-old.

Pettito and Laundry traveled in a white van through the US West this summer, while regularly posting photos and stories on their social media pages under the hashtag #vanlife.

However, the news was abruptly stopped at the end of August. Laundry returned home with his van to the northern port of Florida, but without Pettito on Sept. 1, police said. Petito’s family, unable to contact her, said she went missing on Sept. 11.


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