Forward without dividing us, the government will go for it

Forward without dividing us, the government will go for it

Draghi and the phone call with Putin

The main topic of the interview is: the war in Ukraine. Draghi returned to the contents of his phone call with Putin a few days ago. “I told him I was calling him to talk about peace – he says -. I asked him ‘When do you see Zelensky?'” You can only untie the contract, ”he replied:“ Time is not ripe. ”I insisted: take a decision to cease fire. Again, no: the time has not yet come. Then he explained to me everything about paying for gas in rubles, which has not yet been introduced in That time. We said goodbye with our commitment to hear back from a few days ago.”

War and futile diplomacy

“Soon after that interview, the terrible news of Bucha’s atrocities came out. “I began to think – he says bitterly – that those who say they are right: there is no point in talking to him, you are just wasting time. I have always defended Macron and I still argue that as a serving president of the European Union, he is right to try in every possible way but I have the impression that the horror of war with its massacres, and what they have done to children and women, is completely independent of words and phone calls.”


– Concerning the penalties and sacrifices it would entail for the Italians, as he completed his sentence on the dilemma between peace and conditioners, he explained: “With these words I wanted to send two messages which I consider important. The first, more concrete: sacrifice, in this case, it is contained, is equal to a few more temperatures or less. Peace is the most important value, regardless of the sacrifice, but in this case the sacrifice is also small.”

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Russian gas and renewable energy

– Draghi stresses that “the government has already agreed to rules to unban investments in renewable energy” to remove all vetoes in this direction, and promised that the government will do everything possible to protect companies and citizens from high bills. And next winter: “We are in a good position. We have gas in storage and we will get new gas from other suppliers. Even if containment measures are taken, they will be moderate. We are talking about a 1-2 degree reduction in heating and similar changes to air conditioners.”

The successes of Covid and the fight against the pandemic

Then remember the second major emergency, Covid. We’re on our way out “The numbers say – he explains -. The vaccination campaign has been a huge success: 150,000 deaths averted. If there is to be a new exacerbation, we are much better prepared than we have been in the past.”

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