The ridiculous gastronomic route to Miami

The ridiculous gastronomic route to Miami

At one of the most magical times of the year, they couldn't be less. We already have it here The first pictures of the holiday – everlasting – Written by Tamara Falco and Iñigo Onieva in Miami with Isabel Presley. All three of them went to the other side of the world to celebrate Christmas unlike what was shown in the family veteran's Christmas documentary. “Elizabeth Presley: My Birthday” It shows family traditions: the table is set for dinner, gifts are under the tree and all the family is together. A complete scenario far from reality. This year, they decided to celebrate it in an unusual way. On the beach, in full sun, with no Christmas decorations, no lights, no tree, and the typical dishes of your trusted chefs. Of course, if there's something the Marquis will– supposed – The businessman is Gastronomy. They love to eat there and in this collection published by Onieva, We have been able to verify that their level of gastronomic culture is not very high. attentive

Iñigo Onieva to Miami / Instagram
Iñigo Onieva to Miami / Instagram
Italian tuna sandwich, Iñigo Onieva/Instagram

Inigo Onieva Dreams posted Miami Beach. beach, sport, com. streetstyle Of its residents…among others. But, as we warned you, we're left with the gourmet part of this Christmas holiday. First of all, at full sea line, one is crushed Italian tuna sandwich In the fancy bar – Or grill – From a hotel in Miami. The sandwich has no mystery. Cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, fried eggs, and somewhere there has to be tuna. It costs a total of €26.09 to create. We're not talking about any delicatessen, on the contrary, with this pint, it looks like any bar on a Mediterranean beach. But he cannot fail, It was necessary for him to show us the exact location of the place he was at. So far it's been pretty normal, content we're more or less used to. Skiing comes next.

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Casio e Pepe/Instagram scam
Tiramisu in Forte dei Marmi/Instagram

Stone Crab/Instagram

Continue his cooking method with A Stone crab As a second course and during the night, savor the strong dish. We don't know exactly who the diners are, but Onieva was also giving us a new location. forte dei marmi, An Italian restaurant in Miami is reintroducing Italian food. The position is guaranteed and of course they ask for one Truffle cheese and pepper Served with a wheel of cheese. Complete destruction of the marquise's husbandBravisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssBut his favorite moment comes later, right at dessert time, when he says he eats the best tiramisu ever. They prepare it right at the table with an amazing, juicy amount of pistachio cream. 'Is mandatory“, obligatory pause. Yes sir, what better recommendation for Italian food than a Miami Beach restaurant. Neither Naples, nor Rome, nor Verona. American Beach, Iñigo Onieva's favorite Italian corner.

Pistachio tiramisu / Instagram

A collection of pictures let's take a look at them The new image of the businessman. A new routine, sports, no parties or alcohol, a new opportunity as a public figure at hand tamara falco, Eternal ignorance. After this path of tasting food and constantly bragging about all the delicacies available, Iñigo Onieva has no idea what is being put on his table. The more expensive and luxurious it is, the better it is to maintain the reputation.

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