Renovation of the new municipal building on Laietana Road begins

Renovation of the new municipal building on Laietana Road begins

the Works on the building on Laietana Street Which will become The new administrative headquarters of Barcelona City Council It is already underway. The famous building of the Old Courts is located at Nos. 8 and 10 of this street I will host 700 my workers. It's been planned Work will be completed in the second semester of 2026.

Initially, 220 people will move there Gradually, that is While the new factories are being rehabilitated, the rest of the workers will be transferred there.

Town Hall Via Laietana

Via Laitana: “The economic future of the city center”

mayor of barcelona, Jaume Colbone He pointed this out “The economic future of downtown must lie across Laietana.”. He explained that he was in talks with real estate operators in the area and companies to establish them there, and defended that the council was the first to take the step of operating there.

In addition, Colboni explained that he plans to soon complete a new project in the lower part of Laietana Road: specifically inPost Office Building: Work is underway to establish a center for future technology companies in the Free Zone Federation, with a number of 1,300 workers. He pointed out that “the humanitarian landscape of the street will change, and it will be filled with life with workers in the public and private sectors.”

Former headquarters of the Courts of First Instance in Barcelona

The building was the former home of Barcelona's first instance courts and has been neglected since 2008. It is an elegant property 19th century I Neoclassical Heritage listed at level C. In 2014, Barcelona City Council bought a large portion of the space from the Generalitat. Now part of the space is owned by the state, and in fact the ground floor is occupied by the offices of the National Institute of Statistics, which is the only one that has maintained its activity.

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30 months of work and 18.7 million euros

The works will take approximately just over two years 30 monthsit will mean an investment 18.7 million euros. The focus will be on the first performance Three upper floors (VI, VII and Attic), where the new municipal offices will be located, and partly also Semi-subterranean i al Basement. There will also be measures in the structure of the rest of the floors, and some common spaces will be modified, such as entrances, halls, and the roof. The intervention will take place on an area of ​​6,000 square metres, out of a total building area of ​​20,000 square metres.

Municipal spaces were launched in the city center

Performance will serve Five municipal buildings evacuated Downtown, which will be allocated for other uses. It is expected to do there 70 popular residences. In addition, the space for the Department of Security, Prevention and Coexistence, located at Plaça Pi i Sunyer, will remain empty and plans have already been made for its future location. Gothic cap

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