The return of the crash nightmare

The return of the crash nightmare

The victory over Freiburg is important, a very difficult and physical match against Juventus in which the Bianconeri spent a lot and will certainly bring some material waste to Sunday’s match. The Germans showed themselves to be fighters and blacks and whites finally paid off with different casualties.

At a time when it was necessary for men to recover, Juventus risked losing someone, with Alex Sandro having problems, annoying Keiza and he might not be there, the same risk applies to Angel Di Maria who touched himself at the end of the race, which could be nothing or nothing.

For Juventus, this is a problem that always appears when two games are played in a week, which shows that there is something wrong with some players who are unable to support double commitment or who are perhaps too fragile.

Everyone hopes that for Federico Chiesa it won’t be serious, a minor annoyance and nothing more, same for Angel Di Maria who, like the Italian, has to be evaluated, against Sampdoria there will be the risk of a very experimental run where everyone will be needed. Even Paul Pogba and maybe some under-23s and Primavera.

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