King’s Cup, the madness in the Seville Betis derby: Jordan hits with a stick thrown from the stands and stops the match

The Seville derby was known to be one of the most exciting matches in Spanish football, but no one imagined that the Copa del Rey derby, valid for the Round of 16, would stop for Spanish football. throw something blunt, a plastic stick, from the stands for the opponent, 27-year-old Sevilla midfielder Joan Jordan. I interrupted the reckless gesture of a crazy man 1-1 . match And he risks a huge cost to Betis, which risks not only losing the game at the table, but also eliminating the field for the long haul.

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12/22/2021 A 09:21

It all happens in the 39th minute of the first half, right after the goal from a corner kick by Nabil Fekir – who re-equivalent to a match opened by former Atalantino seal Papu Gomez – fan from the Jules Sur stands (the curve where they stand, the maximum in Betis cheer) Throw something on the field, plastic rodAnd Who hit Sevilla midfielder Joan Jordan in the head. At first, the visiting midfielder gets up, quarrels with the Betis fans, then collapses to the ground, and is visited by a doctor who calls a stretcher.

Referee de Burgos shows the column that hit poor Joan Jordan

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Jordan leaves the field on his legs and even his teammates leave the field determined not to return. On the other hand, Betis’ teammates initially only remained on the field and then all returned to the changing-room tunnel summoned by Basque referee de Burgos Bengotexia, who after 45 minutes of conciliabolo formalized the suspension of the match which is also confirmed by an official note from the Spanish Football Federation Foot on his own social account.

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A shameful episode that risks a huge cost to Betis, who will likely not only lose the match at the table, but also risk playing behind closed doors for a long time. We’ll know more in the next few hours.

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