Leclerc-Sainz fight, Binotto: ‘I feared it would be another 2019’ – F1 Team – Formula 1

Leclerc-Sainz fight, Binotto: ‘I feared it would be another 2019’ – F1 Team – Formula 1

The grand prize for comprehensive management by Ferrari. Of course, the Reds finished fifth and sixth at Interlagos, but Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz couldn’t do a better job if the first four were not hit by the negative rings. And so Brazil smiled at the Reds and their team boss, Mattia Binotto. Who, in fact, rejoices in escaping against McLaren (+31.5 points) but does not hide that he had a hint of anxiety in the early stages, when Leclerc and Sainz battled the wheel for fifth in a row before Curve 4.

These are important points for the third-place goal. There wasn’t much difference between us and McLaren, on both sides. There are still three GPs, two of whom are unknown, and I think there will be a fight to the end, we must try to stay ahead. The pluses are the points gained from McLaren and the reliability that has so far proven to be an indispensable componentBinotto said a Sky Sport F1. “Looking forward to 2022, We know our car now can’t fight with the leaders. It comes from last year’s project, which had problems and flaws. The car has grown very well and the home team is working hard for 2022. But We are also growing on the right trackManagement, strategies, stops, drivers. They fought in the first few laps and in the first corners, it made me rethink 2019 (When the connection between Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, editor) happened: I was afraid but this time they didn’t take too much risk. Between themselves they know exactly what to do. I hope to see them fight again, it’s good, but the important thing is that they keep their margin of safety.“.

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Decided hierarchy from the start? Yes, it was important and crucial. Once we got the positions, it was all about tire management and pit stop. Both riders had a very smart race, had the same pace and that is satisfying too. Trend vs McLaren? We’ve definitely made progress. The latest development of the power unit has helped us with race management, defense and also to be able to ride with greater aerodynamic load. If we look at the races From Russia onwards, we had a small advantage over McLaren‘ concluded Binotto.

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