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Andreoli Real Estate 01-07-20

Patricia Karavio, distinguished Italian in physics, met Jesse’s students on the occasion of March 8: «The path of women in science is not easy, but it can take you very far.»

by Elena Tess

Jesi, March 9, 2023 – Yesterday Professor of astrophysics affiliateUniversity of Pavia, Patrizia Carafio one contract reading magistralis Targeted at high school students, marking International Women’s Rights Day.

Andreoli Real Estate 01-07-20

to focus Conference The relationship between women and science and theImportance to plant or refine Their own Dreams are liberated from the yoke of fanaticisml He writes And not only. The initiative is organized Jesse municipalityin Besakioni Palaceseat institution Jesi Savings Bank.

Also present at the meeting Mayor of Lorenzo Fiordelmondo (close-up) that confirmed the role consciousness On the subject of that It doesn’t just affect women but the whole community And why “There is still a long way to go.”.

«right Somebody Green spaces in our city to female characters It’s not a game But the road to collective growth».

«Guys, who among you knows what happened on March 8th?Thus began Patricia Carafio in her emotional and insightful way to intervene to support women And theirs Bimen He chooses.

a Degree in astrophysicsIn the 2021 won For example but not limited to with the world Elena April the prize Enrico Fermi from Italian Physics Society (Sif) and it was Insert in the list from One hundred experts in the area Yanbuwithin the project 100 Women Against Science Stereotypes. today Studying at the University of Pavia, cooperating for several missions which is part ofunion Astronomy International.

Patricia Carafio in Palazzo Besacione

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In her speech, the researcher and lecturer, H Relive the history of gender stereotypes: an ancient history, beginning with the birth of Western society itself.

theoreticalamong others, from AristotleAnd The idea of ​​the foundational female inferiority child In the homeland from democracyHe was Riding by the Church Fathers and passed through history It permeates from century to century.

“that it world data that Women earn less than men to to implement the same duties. there Lawsalso in Italy, which protection of women in this regard But they exist ways to get around themat that time The most important thing is to know and learn the problem Recognize these biases».

“a part of our brain – Confirmed – It’s very old, and it still is today some stereotypes I am very ingrained In the Our culture that We don’t even see them But they can affect our decisionsours future. And the’ Important that they have models for inspiration when It’s time He chooses».

Hence the memory of some Great women who made science history: Marie CurieAnd Katherine Johnson, Mary Wallace Funk (Wally Funk), Samantha Cristoforetti. The academic world – this is Patricia Carafio’s message – especially the scientific world, It is not immune to gender inequality but do science It suits women as well as men, so there is no reason to believe that there are male and female competencies.

As for relationship between Science and motherhood – explained – do science It does not rule out the possibility of starting a family but it is important to understand that childcare is not the exclusive domain of women.

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“when in Cristoforetti they have I rememberedDuring that The second taskwhich would be I left two children at homeshe politely answered that They were with their fatherSo In good hands. Instead, I’d add: Why don’t you ask my colleague too? “

Culture consultant Luca Brecciaroli, director of the Letizia Tombesi Library

At the end of the conference, Patricia Carafio was invited to visit Planettian Library and donation to the municipality of Jesse Three books who face The issue of women’s rights from different perspectives: “Men and Women: Same Rights?” And Sidereus Nuncius 2.0. Heavenly messengers of the new astronomy “ Written by Patrizia Carafio E “Women in Science” to Maria Pia Abracio And Marlisa DamicoOne world that it constitutionalboth of them vectors from Milan State University.

(front photo, astrophysicist Patricia Carafio with Mayor Lorenzo Fiordelmondo)

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