“No dogs allowed” Luca Toni does not enter and attack a club – News

“No dogs allowed” Luca Toni does not enter and attack a club – News

Former national team striker Luca Toni attacks a club in Reggio Emilia for not letting him in with his dog. As reported by the local edition of Il Resto del Carlino, the world champion was in the city yesterday to attend a football tournament in which his 10-year-old son, who plays for Sassuolo, participated. Tony showed up with his golden retriever, Stella, but was turned away at the entrance to the Onde Chiare club. The attack was launched via a video on social media. “Insanity. We are in 2024 and dogs cannot enter this club in Reggio Emilia. Congratulations,” vented the former footballer from Cerramazzone di Modena. Then he focuses on his leashed dog and continues: “Look at this evil dog… Unfortunately, everything comes to this circle, but dogs don't…”

video “No dogs”, Luca Toni does not enter and attacks the club

Shortly after, a new video surfaced: “The big director came out to tell me that due to health issues, dogs are not allowed in as there is a terrace with a pool. It's a shame that today's (yesterday, editor) swimming pool was closed.. crap.” Private club manager Enrico Cavazzoni gave his account to the newspaper: “Dogs are not allowed into any club in Reggio Emilia. There are hygiene rules that must be respected and we were preparing the solarium for the next opening. Not one of the 700 members I wanted to complain ever came to, If everyone brought their dogs here it would be unmanageable.

Moreover, it is not true that we denied Mr. Tony the opportunity to watch his son's match. As he himself did shortly afterwards, one could wander into the clubhouse and arrive directly in front of the infield fence. I explained all this in a nice way, but he preferred to make an Instagram story like a 16 year old…”

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