The publication on the disease –

The publication on the disease –

The rapper, who announced the disease on Instagram, posts before and after abdominal surgery in San Raffaele, Milan: “I had to have surgery to remove part of my pancreas and tumor. I’m fine and can’t wait to go home.”

“Last week I found out that I have Rare pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor
. One of those that if you don’t get it in time it’s not a pleasant symbiosis to be inside your body. The reason why I had to submit to surgery It took 6 hours to remove part of the pancreas (including the tumor).” It is the words that videos Wanted to entrust to social networks yetHe underwent surgery at San Raffaele Hospital in MilanA series of photographs depicting them in the abaya before and after the operation are published. In one of the photos, the lying rapper shows the aftermath.Abdominal surgery.

A Thank you so much Also for all the messages of support and positivity you sent me.” In the gallery that Fedez shared, in addition to snapshots from a hospital bed, there is also a paper detailing the surgery he underwent: duodenal-brainectomy.

Then the singer also shared a short video clip in the story, featuring the firstborn LionBefore the surgery, bring him a color photo: “Happy birthday, I love you,” Fedez reads, getting touched and hugging.

his wife too Chiara Ferragni published One click on Instagramand showing them together lying in a hospital bed the day before the operation. “We were afraid of everything: diagnose, surgery, rehabilitation, our lives and our future with our children,” the influencer writes on social media. “The operation went well, now he is recovering and hopefully all this remains just a bad memory that once again taught us the importance of living life to the full, every day.”

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Ferragni then also posted two short videos of them Lion Send a message to the father, before the surgery with “Dad don’t worry” and “Dad is getting better soon so we can play together, I love you so much”, after the operation.

Announcing the disease on social media

So far vids He did not reveal what type of illness he had: When he announced it, he generally talked about “health problems”, only saying that he was going to talk about them “later”. Then on Monday evening with a story on Instagram he said that the next day (Tuesday, editor), it would be “important dayFinally, it was Ferragni who confirmed that her husband was in the hospital, when he posted the birthday photos of the little girl of the house, victorypublic on March 23, saying they had been transferred a few days earlier because the father would be in the hospital that day.

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